ICTs Program Process

  • To establish a business operation in Canada, especially for those with specialized knowledge, it's necessary for the company to have a physical location.
  • There are exceptions, particularly for high-level managers or executives.
  • In such situations, it's permissible for the company to initially use an alternative address, like that of their legal advisor, until the executive is able to acquire or rent a space for the business.
  • The company is required to present practical plans for hiring staff for the new venture.
  • The company should possess the necessary financial resources to start operations in Canada and pay its employees.
  • Make sure that the work is overseen and led by the management team at the Canadian branch.
  • When moving a specialist with specific knowledge to Canada, it's essential for the company to show they have ongoing business activities.


  • Location:

    Anywhere in Canada

  • Language test:

    Only for managers & executives.

  • Physical residence:

    Not required for the business owners.

  • Spouse:

    Get open work permit and can apply for PR after 12 months.

  • Children:

    Get study permit until age of 21 years till they apply for PR.


  • Permanent Resident Status - You may be eligible to apply for a Canada PR after living in Canada for 1 year.
  • Bringing Your family along - Tag along your dependents like your spouse and children younger than 22 years.
  • Health & Education - Canada is celebrated worldwide for its top-tier education and healthcare systems, focusing on exceptional quality. Securing Canadian residency opens the door to complementary healthcare, along with the opportunity for you and your family to benefit from no-cost public schooling in Canada.
  • Business Opportunities - Access to the Canadian and US markets for the expansion of your business, a secure and stable banking system, financing capital, and business opportunities.
  • Sponsor Key employees - You can sponsor your important employees to your parent company in Canada.

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