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Job Requirements

  • Transport raw materials, finished products, and packaging materials throughout plant and warehouse manually, or with powered equipment
  • Load raw ingredients into machines and measure the amount needed by following company recipes and industry standards
  • Comprehend written instructions and recipes from the company when putting together ingredients and starting a new batch to the next step of the process for packing
  • Measure and dump ingredients into hoppers of mixing and grinding machines or mobile tank trucks
  • Feed and unload food, beverage, and associated products processing machines
  • Feed flattened boxes into forming machines to construct containers
  • Remove filled containers from conveyors and manually pack goods into bags, boxes, or other containers
  • Verify that each finished item meets the quality standards of the company by observing the size, shape, and luster of each snack items
  • Check products and packaging for basic quality defects
  • Assist process control and machine operators in performing their duties
  • Sanitize and Clean work areas and equipment at the end of the shift

Job Conditions

  • Education Details High School / Senior secondary
  • Experience 2 years
  • IELTS Working knowledge of English
  • Visa(Work Permit/PR) Work Permit
  • Overtime Yes, 1.5% more than the regular hours for the hours worked over this limit
  • Probation Period 3 months
  • Transportation Own arrangement
  • Age 28 – 37, preferably married and with children
  • Accommodation Own arrangement
  • Food Allowances Own arrangement
  • Refusal No prior refusal (Canada and US)

Job Benefits & Perks

Return air ticket as per company policy

Annual Paid Leave 4 % days of paid vacation

Weekly Off 2 days some weekends required

Job Specifications


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