4 simple steps to be in Canada in just 6 months

The Vazir Group specializes in assisting individual and family migration. We are recognized as the region’s leading Immigration advisors for Canada. Since 2004, Vazir Group has processed over 6,000 successful applications and has shown strong immigration consultancy capabilities. Our team of experts are backed by years of experience that give you the most current and essential information you need to make an informed decision about the immigration process. We aim to provide a promising future to our clients in their desired location of immigration. 


There has never been a better time to act: 

We believe that with the increased emphasis on medical care and children’s education provided through the immigration process; Canada’s work program Foreign Worker Program is an excellent option for qualified professionals to make a significant career move as well as give the rest of the family unrivalled opportunities. 

Canada not only offers great work opportunities, education and healthcare; but they also allow dual citizenship. This gives you the freedom to remain a citizen of Canada and your home country. Canada also offers residents the ability to apply for a Canadian passport after living 3 out of 5 years in Canada. You will also be able to enjoy visa-free travels to 23 more countries during the residency time and 172 countries after getting the Canadian passport. 

Vazir Group offers the fastest and affordable Foreign Worker Program for families providing a job for the main applicant, a work permit for the spouse and study permits for children to study in any public school. We want our applicants to have the liberty to decide where they want to settle; which is why you can pick any city within Canada that you would like to migrate to. 

To begin the process, the main applicant has to have a score of 5-6 on their IELTS– International English Language Testing Systemand an investment of $50,000 USD which will be payable in instalments during the process.

STEP 1 – The first step, after signing your contract with Vazir Group, is preparing and submitting the application after the first installment of $10,000 USD has been payed. The first step has a process time of 90 days in which Vazir Group matches your CV with the desired job and brings you the best options possible. If within this time frame, we cannot find a job for you; we will refund all the $10,000 USD you invested, which makes the program transparent and out of financial risk for the applicant. 

STEP 2 - Once a Job Offer is issued, we will work and apply for your LMIA – Labor Market Impact Assessment, process which will require $15,000 USD to complete. 

STEP 3 - The next step will be your LMIA issuance which starts the process to apply for the Work Permit in Canada. This will require the last installment of $25,000 USD to complete the step.

STEP 4 - Work Permit issuance.  Once this step is complete you will be able to move to Canada and begin this exciting journey with your family.

After your relocation our office in Canada is there to support you with various relocation services like real estate, banking, healthcare assistance or schooling for children and other additional services you and your family requires. We can even assist you with applying for the Canadian Permanent Residency or for the Canadian Passport. 

Your first step to begin your process of a new wonderful life in Canada begins by filling in the form below for our team of experts to get in touch with you and assist you with any questions you may have.

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