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The Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) visa is a key avenue for skilled professionals looking to work in Canada. In this comprehensive guide how Vazir Group can help you explore the ICT visa's approval rate, its connection to the Canadian PR Visa Application Process, the potential transition from Work Permit to Permanent Residency, and the role of Canada Immigration consultants in facilitating the journey to Canada Permanent Residence.

Understanding the ICT Visa

A specific work permit called the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) visa enables foreign workers employed by multinational corporations to work in Canada. For companies trying to fill labor shortages and develop staff with a global perspective, the ICT visa is a vital resource.

ICT Visa Categories

There are two categories for the ICT visa:

  • Executive involves Key individuals, senior managers, and other high-level staff fall under this category. These people are crucial to the strategic development of the organization.
  • Employees having specialized knowledge that is crucial to the business's operations fall under the category of intra-company transfers of specialized knowledge. They provide special knowledge and abilities.

Approval Rate for ICT Visas

There are certain requirements to boost your chances:

  • Employment with a Multinational Corporation: You need to work for a multinational company that is present in Canada in order to be eligible for an ICT visa.
  • Minimum Work Experience: You should have a certain amount of work experience with the organization, depending on the category.
  • Specialized Knowledge: To qualify for this category, you must exhibit your distinct abilities and knowledge.
  • Job Offer: You should have a valid job offer from the Canadian office of your multinational company.
  • Intended Duration: The ICT visa is typically granted for a specific duration, and you must intend to return to your home country upon its expiry.

The Path to Canada Permanent Residence

One of the significant advantages of the ICT visa is the potential pathway to Permanent Residency in Canada. If you're already in Canada on an ICT visa and wish to transition to permanent residence, there are specific programs and pathways available. This transition allows you to extend your stay and potentially become a Canadian citizen through the Canadian PR Visa Application Process.

How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

You can be qualified to apply for Permanent Residence via the following programs as a temporary worker in Canada:

  • Express Entry: Under the Canadian Experience Class, you may be eligible for Express Entry if you have job experience in Canada. This program, which can result in permanent residency, is intended for those with prior work experience in Canada.
  • Program for Provincial Nominees (PNP): Under some immigration schemes, foreign employees may seek for permanent residence in certain provinces and territories. The PNP is frequently connected to particular labor demands and local specifications.
  • Spousal Sponsorship: You may be eligible for permanent residence if your spouse or common-law partner is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

The Role of Canada Immigration Consultants

Canada Immigration consultants offer valuable expertise in facilitating this process:

  • Eligibility Assessment: Consultants can help you determine your eligibility for different Permanent Residence programs.
  • Documentation Assistance and Application Submission: Consultants can ensure your application is complete, accurate, and submitted on time.

Canada Citizenship and Immigration

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a goal for many Permanent Residents. After obtaining Permanent Residence, individuals can apply for Canadian citizenship. This process usually involves meeting specific residency requirements and demonstrating an understanding of Canadian values and society.


For individuals on an ICT visa who wish to extend their stay in Canada and explore the path to Canada Permanent Residence, understanding the Canadian PR Visa Application Process is crucial. Vazir Group has the expertise of Canada Immigration consultants can significantly streamline the process and increase the chances of a successful transition to becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident.

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