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Are You A Nurse? It’s Time To Move To Canada

The demand for skilled workers is increasing every year. After the pandemic brought its correction into everybody’s lives, the world slowly comes back to normal. According to the latest news, the national law provides more than 400,000 Canadian permanent residency permits each year from 2021 to 2023, meaning that now it’s the best time to move, especially if you are a nurse.

Did you know that almost 500,000 workers in the healthcare sector are over the age of 55, so they will be retiring in the next decade? As a result, Canada is looking to immigrants to help fill these important jobs.


Nursing is one of the most popular professions that is in huge demand, especially in Canada. Depending on the provinces and experience, the benefits from working in this beautiful country are amazing. Just imagine that per hour a nurse can earn up to 40$. Isn’t it a dream job in a dream country?

What else can you get if move to Canada? Of course, all the benefits vary from province to province, as well as your experience, however, no matter of nationality or ethics, nursing in Canada is a highly demanded job.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2022 Canada will need over 60,000 nurses, so the government makes sure to provide everything for comfortable and convenient living not only for the nurses themselves but their families as well. So, if you decide to move to Canada, what can you expect?  

It’s a well-known fact that Canada is one of the safest, peaceful, and tolerant countries in the world, ranking in the top 20 worldwide. Mountainous regions, crystal clear lakes, and green woods are only the tip of the iceberg. Breathtaking views with marvelous flora and fauna that change from province to province are what make this country so pleasurable. On the other hand, the Canadian government provides equal opportunities to Canadian citizens and permanent residents as well as their family members, like free healthcare. Besides, if you have children, they will be able to get free world-class education up until they have graduated from Grade 12. What other country can give you that?

So, if you are ready to take a step forward to a happy life, it’s time to consider Canada Express Entry Program. However, if you are not sure whether your occupation makes you eligible for Canadian residency, do not hesitate to contact Vazir Group.


The Express Entry Program opens doors to the opportunities one has been dreaming of. The most encouraging advantage of all is the fact that the whole procedure takes just six months, however can take more as it all depends on the documents.

If you want to know if you are qualified for the Express Entry Program, first of all, check if you are eligible for one of two Canada’s Express-Entry immigration programs for nurses Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or contact Vazir Group where our specialists will be happy to help. So, how does the process usually work?

  • Step 1. Submit an Express Entry profile.

First of all, make sure that if your nursing degree is from outside Canada, assess your educational credentials as well as provide such additional information as work experience, good character, language proficiency, screening for criminal history, and medical examination by registered hospitals. When all documents are ready, submit them along with your Express Entry profile.

  • Step 2. Receive ITA.

When you apply to Canada’s Express Entry Program, be ready that your application will go through the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. This system with a maximum score of 1,200 points allows selecting eligible applicants to migrate to Canada according to factors such as age, skills, education, work experience, language levels, and adaptability. If your score is high and all documents are ready, after the draw that takes place every 2 weeks you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in your IRCC account within the next 24 hours.

  • Step 3. Final documents submission.

If you received ITA, congratulations, you are halfway to Canada and permanent Canadian residency, as you will have 60 days to submit your final application.

You see, the whole process, in general, can take up to 6 months for the application to be approved and for you to receive the documents to activate your permanent resident status in Canada. However, even though the steps are not too complicated to follow, but can be stressful and time-consuming, that is why the specialist in Vazir Group is always ready to provide top-class assistance on how to immigrate to Canada. We will evaluate your eligibility, check and submit all the documents on your behalf.


As we mentioned earlier, the Express Entry Program is aimed to help skilled workers from around the world move to Canada and obtain permanent residency. To be eligible for this program your occupation will need to be classified as skill level 0, A, or B. What does it mean? It means that all nurses except for nurses’ aides, orderlies, and patient service associates are eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. If you are not sure what is your classification or have questions, we, in Vazir Group, would be happy to assist you and answer all the questions.


Many of you might wonder, why should you choose Vazir Group over other companies? We believe that actions speak louder than words. With every decade the number of returning clients as well as referral clients increases, proving that the services we provide are outstanding. Our astonishing immigration plans consist of ideas for residency and immigration through investment as well as have great opportunities for skilled workers. We believe in what we do and every specialist who is in the team or joins us is highly trained in the immigration process. These and other factors help us to grow, and we even opened a new branch in Chandigarh additionally to the branch we had in New Delhi. 

We are always ready to give you a detailed consultation before the process, fully support you during the process, and even after you settle in your desired country our specialists are always here for you, as our client’s satisfaction is our priority!

Still in doubt? Contact us today and let's dispel it!

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