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The Canadian Immigration System is indeed a world figurehead! It offers numerous opportunities for all the age groups who wish to fulfil their dreams. Green colour has become a dream colour of every soul who has been striving for a quality life. Each year, millions of visitors visit Canada to work, travel, or study worldwide.

More than 30,000 people are approved for Canadian Permanent Residency while acquiring a "Green Card". Canadian Permanent Residency is categorized into economic immigration, family reunification, and humanitarian considerations. But, that doesn't mean Canada provides free entry to anyone. Whether you have got temporary protected status or visiting from any other country, Canada poses a strict process as a part of their immigration system.

To stay in Canada, one needs to go through various essential steps mandatory in the Canadian Immigration System. When someone enters the country unevenly outside an official entry port, you are ousted and arrested by Canadian Corps. A rigorous procedure is then constituted to examine whether you carry a legitimate refugee claim as per the Canadian laws. The process involves out-and-out security and background inspection.

Let's explore various ways to visit Canada that are legitimate in the Canadian Immigration System.

Family Immigration System Programs

Canadian economic immigration system chooses various people who successfully apply for their permanent residence. It involves the following strategies:

  • Express Entry: The initial step for the economic immigrants involves the submission of a profile under an Express Entry process. The person obtains ranking points based on their profile, language ability, education, experience, and skills. The candidate is further invited to apply for permanent residence based on the issues he or she obtains.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: Immigrants are nominated by the provinces based on their set criteria that inscribe their requirements (other than Quebec).
  • Quebec Selected Skilled Workers: The Quebec province chooses its skilled workers based on their immigration criteria.
  • Caregiver Program: Immigrants with their extensive working experience in providing home care to children, or ailing people, can successfully apply under this program.
  • Star-Up Visa Program: Budding entrepreneurs with brilliant business investment ventures who willingly support Canadian investors can apply for permanent residents and institute their business in Canada.
    With the help of the Family class, Canadian residents and citizens can sponsor their near ones to live in Canada. It involves spouses, law partners, dependent children, parents, and also grandparents, amongst others.

Screening of Immigrants

In an attempt to shield Canadian citizens' health, security, and safety, all possible immigrants are screened minutely before visiting Canada. Any person who applies for green card entry or permanent residency in Canada must possess:

  • A police certificate or criminal record inspection
  • Their photograph and biometrics

Screening assures that any person who has applied to Canada
  • Is free from any criminal offence or crime
  • Safe for Canadians as per security prospects
  • Free from Human Rights violations
  • Has good physical and mental health
  • Possess a valid passport or travel document

Get the Colour of Your Dream in a Suitable, Legitimate Way

The Canadian Immigration System has constantly been playing a significant role in the lives of people and the development of the country. While providing infinite opportunities for people to visit Canada, the Canadian immigration system would continuously propose a tower of strength and growth for Canadian society and the Canadian economy.

Vazir Group offers infinite legitimate ways for those who wish to acquire their dream color-Green. We believe that applying through established immigration programs is the right way to enter Canada. If you too want to fulfil your dreams, contact us immediately to obtain special counselling sessions with our immigration experts.

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