Canadian Citizenship Benefits for Indians

Canadian citizenship benefits are numerous. Many advantages are only accessible to Canadian citizens, and to those who become permanent residents of the country. If you choose this nation as your next destination, you might want to look what are the Canadian citizenship benefits for Indians: 


Right to vote and participate in politics

Canada's federal system is a parliamentary democracy. Every Canadian citizen over the age of eighteen has the right to vote in every federal election under this democratic system. Citizens can express their political views via voting in national, regional, and council elections according to this voting privilege. It is also possible to apply for candidacy for office and engage in direct political activity with Canadian citizenship requirements. It is clear that the citizenry of Canada will have a voice in who leads the country's various levels of government. By joining one of the recognised parties, citizens can also become political representatives and may participate in conversations on crucial topics like taxation, healthcare, educational and economic policy.

The benefit of dual citizenship


India prohibits holding two citizenships. And having two is not restricted in Canada. Canada does not force you to choose between holding citizenship there and in your native nation. You might or might not be required to make that decision based on your nation of origin. It is possible to hold dual citizenship with Canada and another country. 


A worldwide flight of  job opportunities


If you have a high-level security clearance and are a permanent resident, you could be eligible to apply for posts at the federal level. These have high salaries and other perks. You can also accept non-elected government positions. Following their immigration to Canada, landed immigrants, also known as permanent residents, are legally able to invest in or launch a new business.

Canada stands out amongst the nations with the largest economies in the world. In Canada, the employment market has exploded in recent years. Simply because of this, the government has never had a problem with unemployment. In fact, this is one of the key reasons Canada is able to accept a large number of new immigrants every year from India to fill the country's numerous available posts.


Some of the most sought job areas include healthcare, infrastructure, and construction. However, many Canadian businesses are providing employment possibilities due to the increased demand for oil and gas brought on by the current uptick in global politics. In recent years, Toronto, along with Vancouver and Montreal, has become a burgeoning centre for IT talent in Canada.


An influential passport


Canadian residents receive a passport, which may be renewed more easily and less frequently than a permanent residence card.

The passport makes it simpler to obtain a visa when one is necessary and also allows you to travel to numerous countries without needing one, and that’s how you get Canadian citizenship benefits in USA or in Australia.  It should be emphasised that this is only valid for travel and does not grant you employment rights. You are less likely to run into issues while returning to Canada from another country if you have a passport.

If you travel with a Canadian passport, you may also rely on the assistance of Canadian consulates and embassies should you run into problems overseas.

Requirements for renewing citizenship

Your card will be valid for five years if you have a Permanent Resident Card from Canada. After that, it must be renewed. This card is a requirement for foreign travel, and you can be asked to produce it as identification to prove that you are a permanent resident. Every five years, a permanent resident must renew their status or apply for Canadian PR. Once you become a citizen, though, you are exempt from this requirement because your Citizenship Certificate is good for 10 years.

The tax


Canadian tax legislation bases eligibility more on residency than citizenship. You are not required to pay Canadian taxes if you are a citizen but do not reside in Canada. If you are a citizen of the United States and you reside in Canada, you must pay federal, provincial, and municipal taxes as well as Canadian taxes on your international income.


A future for your children


Whether your child is born in Canada or not, if you are a Canadian citizen, they will immediately be granted citizenship. This implies that they can take advantage of your status without applying for citizenship. This is fascinating because all children under the age of 18 are entitled to free public education in Canada. This covers elementary and secondary education up to high school graduation in Canada. Access to this kind of education as a permanent resident may mark a major shift for your family's future. With a little amount of expenditure, you will be able to send your kids to reputable institutions that provide teaching in modern subjects—a goal that every parent cherishes. The Canadian government also offers financial aid to students seeking higher education. These advantages make it possible for you and your family to have a good standard of life and access to inexpensive higher education.


Your status is secured


When you become a citizen, you are no longer subject to any constraints regarding meeting residency requirements, unlike prior to becoming a permanent resident. If you are found guilty of any crime, it is likely to lose your citizenship status as a Canadian citizen, however as a permanent resident, you may be deported if found guilty of certain major offences.

Benefits in healthcare

Canadian citizenship benefits include the leverage that the Canadian government and authorities give free healthcare to all immigrants. As a Canadian permanent residence visa holder you are entitled to free medical care, including all prescription medicines that are covered by taxes. 

As a citizen of Canada, you are eligible for public health insurance. PRs may receive top-notch medical treatment in Canada without having to pay a cent. If your family members emigrated to Canada with you, they will be able to take advantage of Canada's cutting-edge facilities and services as well.

The cultural milieu

Canada is considered to be one of the safest nations.  This means that as a permanent resident, you may rest easy knowing that your family is safe in Canada. Canada is a huge country with a fairly tiny population, in addition to being safe. The cosmopolitan and diversified nation of Canada welcomes immigrants from all around the world. 

How Vazir Group can help

You have five years to dwell in Canada after receiving permanent residence status.

You are qualified for Canadian citizenship if you have physically resided in the nation for three years. However, only the five years prior to the date on which you submitted your citizenship application are regarded as legitimate. 

You can find it challenging to apply for a work permit visa without the proper assistance. Vazir Group is delighted to respond to your inquiries on the subject and help you submit an application for the Canadian Startup Visa. Anyone applying for the programme may get quick, affordable assistance from our trained immigration advisors. Vazir Group can help you make wise choices as you set out on your beneficial journey to Canada.

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