Covid-19 effects on immigration – UAE SURVEY 2020

Nurses, Caregivers and IT specialists top 3 jobs available in Canada

Dubai, UAE – 3rd  November 2020:  Global human mobility has been fundamentally altered by COVID-19 global pandemic. Many countries have implemented restrictions on entry and exit, tightened quarantine rules and taken other measures in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In these conditions, are people still interested in immigration?

Vazir Group, UAE - based leading immigration consultant reveals new immigration data after conducting a new survey:

  • 60% of respondents indicated they would be likely or very likely to relocate to another country in the future.
  • 58% of the them would choose Canada.
  • 61% are looking for Residency and 20.7% for Citizenship

When the dust settles and some semblance of normality returns, we will see a clearer picture with what this global pandemic has brought to all of us. When that time eventually does come, many will have noticed the difference of migrating and investing in a second passport made throughout these direst of times. For us it is fundamental to understand our clients needs so that we adapt our services accordingly” said Vrinda Gupta, Managing Partner Vazir Group.

CANADA - Excellent opportunities for Nurses, Caregivers and ITs specialists

Some countries, like Canada, started to introduce more effective immigration concessions to facilitate applications, for example: moving to online applications, accepting soft copies of documents, granting automatic extension approval and more.

81 AVAILABLE JOBS for nurses & caregivers

As healthcare was one of the most affected sectors by Covid-19, Canada offers great opportunities for those who are nurses or caregivers with 2 years of experience. You can now apply for a permanent residency with work permit anywhere in Canada. The great news is that you can travel with your family, as the spouse receives an open work permit and the kids benefit from study permits.



Work experience: 2 years

45 IT specialists in demand

Are you an IT specialist? If the answer is yes, then you can be in Canada, with your family, in less than 9 months and obtain your permanent residency in approximately 1 year and a half. 



Work experience: 4 to 5 years

Age: 25 to 36 years old

Demand for Consultancy in 2020

76.2% of the respondents are considering applying for permanent residency in another country using an immigration consultancy or agency.

If before the pandemic majority of people preferred to visit a physical branch or office to be able to speak to advisors face-to-face, now the research revealed people are looking for immigration consultancy with a great online presence. The top criteria when considering whether to avail the services on an immigration company were: reputation of the company, with 57% of people saying this was of the utmost importance, recommendation made by friends or family chosen by  46% of people and 43% take into account the online reviews or feedbacks about the company.

Considering Consultancy?

Why not speak to the team at Vazir Group and find out more about how they can help you make the most informed decision.

For more information visit or book in for an appointment on +971 (4) 243 8581.

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