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Are you looking for the fastest and most convenient ways to immigrate to Canada? Listed as the number 1 country in the world in 2021 according to the U.S. News & World Report this highly popular destination country has got a lot to offer. No wonder why more and more people are deciding to make a change and try their luck in Canada. Thanks to Vazir Group’s all-new Express Entry Program the relocation process has become even smoother. Today we would like to overview this innovatory plan while pointing out all the advantages of using Vazir Group’s services.


The Express Entry Program focuses on creating a wonderful pathway to receiving a permanent residence. It has been carefully prepared to aid all skilled workers to immigrate to Canada based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). What makes this immigration program special is the faster processing time for potential skilled foreign workers.

What is CRS?

Let us first explain what the CRS system is all about. The Comprehensive Ranking System, or the CRS, is a criteria structure that the Canadian Federal Express Entry program uses to score skilled worker program participants. In favor of securing any candidate’s immigration to Canada, the CRS gives points, which are based on the candidate’s profile.

The CRS has a very developed structure, consisting of different criteria for the candidates and their families. Each Express Entry candidate receives an individual CRS score out of 1,200 points. Besides, there are four scoring parts of the system’s formula:

  • Core/Human capital factors,
  • Spouse factors,
  • Skill transferability factors,
  • Additional points.

Each candidate receives points for fulfilling specific requirements, and they add up to the overall CRS score.



Schedule a meeting with Vazir Group’s professional immigration consultant. They are ready and willing to aid you throughout the whole application procedure. Fortunately, with the Express Entry Program, the process is more convenient than ever before.

Who is eligible to sign up for the Express Entry Program for immigration to Canada? This relocation plan is fit for candidates up to 36 years of age who possess at least a bachelor’s degree. What is more, they should possess at least 2 years of work experience connected to their skills.

If you qualify to enter the program, you should provide a detailed Curriculum Vitae. It is best if the resume consists of all your previous and current employment. Do not forget to briefly describe every job responsibility.

At this stage, you should also apply for Education Credential Assessment and prepare your IELTS or CELPIP certification. Canadian immigration programs require foreign workers to prove their language skills beforehand. The last step before signing a contract with Vazir Group is accessing letters of recommendation from previous employers and do the upfront payment for the fees of the program, this is needed to cover all the costs of the Express Entry Program.

After you have submitted all the necessary papers, you will have to wait for about 3 to 4 months. During this period your documents are being carefully processed. Moreover, your Express Entry Profile comes to life. While waiting you can apply for Provincial Nomination Program if you need to.

If everything is going according to plan, you will receive your application invitation. Then your documents are submitted to the CIC. You receive your Confirmation of Permanent Residence Visa. At this point, you are ready to start packing your bags because your immigration is at your fingertips.


Many people associate Canada with maple syrup, hockey, and endless forests. To some extent, this conception is true, although this wonderful country has got a lot more to offer. Picturesque landscapes, friendly citizens, and a highly promising job market. Oh, Canada. You truly are a gemstone.

Mountainous regions, crystal clear lakes, and fresh woods are only the tip of the iceberg. Breathtaking views with marvelous flora and fauna are what make this country so pleasurable. On the other hand, though, Canada is a place where everybody can feel free to create a new wonderful life. That is why, besides views and outgoing citizens, we want to focus on other benefits you can use when applying for the Express Entry Program.

Immigration to Canada for skilled workers opens a vast range of wonderful possibilities. There is a never decreasing demand for professionals in so many different fields. In 2021, one of the most desired professions is IT specialists of all sorts, trained nurses, and skilled truck drivers. If you are not sure whether your occupation makes you eligible for Canadian residency, do not hesitate to contact Vazir Group.

The express Entry Program opens all new sorts of chances for all people willing to make a change. The greatest and most encouraging advantage of all is the fact that the procedure takes just 8 to 10 months. Sometimes it even takes less, thus if you want to speed up your relocation to Canada, check if you qualify for the program.


Would Canada be such a popular immigration destination if it was not for all the great benefits it has to offer? Let us start with the world-famous Canadian free healthcare. An innovative approach to citizens’ and residents’ healthcare is what indisputably makes this country a great place to live.

Speaking about costless programs, Canada offers free education for students up to college and university levels. The provincial and federal government subsidizes all the fees. It makes Canadian immigration all the better for applicants who choose to relocate with their spouse and children.

Living with your family in Canada will make you more engaged in the state social system. With a lot of social service benefits available, the country takes good care of its citizens and residents. Moreover, once you immigrate to Canada, you can work and reside anywhere you like.

Thinking of staying in Canada and receiving a Canadian passport? The good news is you only have to spend 3 out of 5 years within the country. The Canadian passport is one of the strongest in the world, allowing its holders to access more countries around the globe. Plus, you do not have to resign on your current passport, as dual citizenship is allowed.

Is Canada not the perfect place for immigration?

If you have any questions regarding the Express Entry Program, feel free to contact Vazir Group.

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