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Migrating can be a long and daunting process. It requires a great deal of forethought and planning, and an endless amount of paperwork. However, working with an expert can help ease some of the tension, enabling you to confidently prepare and look forward to your new life.

At Vazir Group, we pride ourselves in making the transition as smooth and seamless as possible. As a leading Canadian immigration consultancy, we assist candidates in migrating to Canada and Europe for work opportunities, study or permanent settlement. We are specialists in selecting achievable and promising destinations, and endeavour to match candidates with programs that suit their requirements, providing them the greatest chance of success.

Canada; a country with friendly and welcoming residents, beautiful nature, low crime rates, affordable education and tremendous job opportunities, it is no surprise that it attracted nearly 400, 000 immigrants in 2021. The XPAT Explorer Survey also ranked Canada as being the number one country for being the most welcoming to immigrants, making the prospect of residency an attractive proposition. That’s not all; immigrants are privy to free healthcare, free pre-college and university education where fees are subsidized by the federal and provincial government, social service benefits, the right to reside and work anywhere in Canada, the opportunity to apply for a Canadian passport after living just three out of five years, no tax on global income and the option of dual citizenship.

Although there is no standard timeframe to achieve permanent residence in Canada, the process can take anything from six months to two years. There is a further option for those that seek a more rapid pathway, ideal for skilled immigrants that wish to acquire permanent residence in Canada and contribute towards the economy.

The Express Entry visa program, which takes between six to twelve months to process, organises and processes applications for eligible applicants, and is one of the most popular options for newcomers seeking a new life in Canada. Candidates with university or college degrees, with skilled work experience and medium proficiency in English and/or French are ideal candidates. However, to qualify for Express Entry as a skilled worker, it is essential that you have at least one year of work experience within a skilled occupation, undertake and successfully pass a language test in either English or French, and complete and pass an Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA).

There are additional factors that can earn you further points and increase your chances as part of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Bilingualism or high proficiency in English/French
  2. A Masters degree or PHD.
  3. A Canadian brother or sister residing in Canada.
  4. An employment offer from a Canadian organisation.
  5. A nomination from a nomination program.
  6. Work experience or study undertaken in Canada for a short period of time.

There is no requirement of a job offer or nomination for the Express Entry scheme, but as stated above, it can increase the likelihood of success. There are a further three programs within the system, all of which are highly competitive and ranked using the CRS. These programs include The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program and The Federal Skilled Trades (FST) program. Based on eligibility requirements of each individual program, those with the most notable attributes will be selected for residency. For those with recent Canadian work experience and seeking permanent residency, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the fastest routes available, taking as little as just three to four months to process. If you are interested in this program, it is advisable to undertake some work experience in Canada, or even a part time course if you haven’t already. This can accelerate the process further and will elevate your CRS score.

The first stage of the process is assessing your eligibility. This can be done online in just a few minutes by answering several questions. In the event that you qualify, you will need to submit the results of your language test, proof of settlement funds and further documentation associated with the relevant programs i.e., evidence of offer of employment, Educational Credentials Assessment for the Federal Skilled Workers Program, provincial nomination. Once you have submitted your profile, if you are successful, you will be entered into a pool of candidates and assessed via a points system. Your profile will remain in the Express Entry system for twelve months, and those with the highest scores will receive an invitation of residency where they will have sixty days to submit. Don’t worry, if you are not accepted after the first twelve months, you are able to resubmit your profile and remain in the pool.

Although it is free to submit your Express Entry profile, there are a number of fees that you will need to consider. Language tests, Educational Credentials Assessment, medical examination and police clearance documentation aren’t cheap, so it is advisable to have a sum of money put aside for this purpose. If you are not applying under the CEC scheme and don’t have an employment offer, you will need to demonstrate that you have sufficient settlement fees. These are calculated based on family size.

Aside from the necessary documentation, Vazir Group will support and guide you through each step of the process until you reach your new home. Our ongoing work with industry experts and specialists provides us the opportunity to find the best match for you, thus ensuring that your new life parallels your personal skills and experience.

Why choose the Express Entry program? Overall, it streamlines the immigration process. It’s ease of access enables quicker processing times, and it is a highly efficient way of reviewing candidates based on Canada’s economic requirements.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada and would like to check your eligibility, please click on the following link.

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