Get your Cyprus Passport at 75% lower cost

. It offers visa free travel to more than 173 countries, allows dual citizenship and you have accessibility to living, studying and working in the European Union. The best part is you don’t even have to reside there. 

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program - regular program

You can acquire a Cyprus citizenship by investment and also enjoy all of the benefits that go with it.  As a Cypriot citizen, you are allowed to travel and reside within the European Union, and work under its influence. On top of that, you will also gain access to first-class EU education and free healthcare systems. You will even get to experience easier procedures when purchasing properties in European Union countries fromabroad.

Surely, these reasons will excite you enough to get a Cyprus passport.  

Here’s how you can apply for your own Cyprus Citizenship through investing in the country’s economy.

To be a Cypriot citizen, you can avail of two prospects. The regular option will require a minimum capital of €3-5 Million Euro. For you to be eligible for this program, you must meet certain conditions such as having a minimum investment amount of €2.9 Million Euro: €2.5 Million Euro + VAT for property acquisition and €400,000 Euro additional fees. After 3 years the investor can sell the majority of his real estate accept for the property valued at a minimum € 500,000 Euro + VAT which must be kept for life. 

Financing Option only at Vazir Group

At Vazir Group we offer a financing option. This means you invest a total of just €688,000 Euro, up to 75% less than the regular option. In this €688,000 Euro:  €500,000 Euro to purchase your property, €95.000 Euro is the VAT for the property, and only €93,000 Euro is for fees, due diligence government fees. 

To be eligible for this program, you must have a minimum investment amount of €688,000. The rest of the investment, €2.8 Million Euro, will be loaned. The €500,000 Euro property has to be kept permanently and will be rented for 10 years to be able to recover a percentage of the loan.

Process, timelines and payments

Both options share the same procedures for the first two steps. 

The 1st step is paying the signing fees of €10,000 Euro.  After which you will receive a checklist and start gathering the supporting documents needed for your application. This first step takes approximately 1 month. 

A second month is the time needed for the following step - the financial process. This starts with a selection of qualifying real estate for investment, followed by the acquisition of the property and payment of the additional fees – for the regular option. 

For the Financing option the 2nd step begins with opening a bank account in Liechtenstein – no need to visit, we take care of this. If the applicant chooses another bank, Vazir Group will solicitate Power of Attorney from you. After opening the bank account, the applicant makes the transfer of €688,000 Euro. In the same account, the loan of €2.8 Million Euro will be deposited.

The 3rdstep can take from 3 to 8 months and is common for both options.  After the acquisition of the property/properties is made, a final check on the documents is made and then we proceed with preparing and submitting your citizenship application, followed by a collection of your biometrics.

You will be assigned an immigration card that will allow you to go in and out of Cyprus with ease once officials approve your application. This important piece of document will enable you to travel and reside in the country until the passport is released. You will then be issued a Cyprus passport, once your application is reviewed and approved by government authorities.

At Vazir Group you can have the best of everything with a lot of advantages at affordable cost.  


Vazir Group offers exclusive finance opportunities in the GCC, being a reliable partner in the field of immigration consultancy. Our personalized and customized approach will help expedite the process of relocation to your destination of choice, while our team of experts assist in matching you with programs that will best fit your requirements and needs. 

Allow us to provide you with a tailored and hassle-free immigration service today.

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