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Vazir Group, the leading immigration specialists for Canada, offers a variety of suitable immigration programs fit for our clients to make their transition to Canada. We strive to ensure our clients have a smooth move to Canada from their respective homes into their new homes. As our continuous commitment to being by our client’s side through their transition; we offer comprehensive guides on Healthcare, Education, and Housing in Canada. 

Housing in Canada can depend on the Province and area you are considering. Across Canada, you will find a range of housing options such as apartments, short-term rentals, and different types of houses. There will be options to fit all your needs and budget. It is possible to find a rental or a permanent home in Canada. 

Rental Apartments and Homes

If you are looking to rent your next home in Canada, you will find many options online, in local newspapers, social media, and real estate agents. Be wary of some listings as they can be frauds; always do your research before paying for your property. Many rentals do not come furnished and will require external budgets for furniture household items. 

The typical lease in Canada is for one year; it can be for a short-fixed term or monthly if agreed upon with the landlord. It is best to discuss this in-depth with your landlord prior to signing a contract. Rents can increase and these rules are set by each province, making it essential to learn more about the Rules for the relevant province. By law, landlords are required to inform their tenants of any increases in rent. Rental price increases can often have a limit to the increase depending on the province. Your landlords may ask you for specific documentation as a means of ensuring that tenants are able of paying their rent. These documentations can range from an employment letter with the salary certificate, Bank Statements, and referrals from previous landlords. 

Buying a Home

Buying a home in Canada is an easy process as you do not need to be a citizen in order to purchase a property or properties. The price of the property can range from city to city, and the areas within each city. Some are costlier than others and it is known that the main cities are usually more expensive to invest in than others. The range of properties on offer is condominium, detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, duplex, and triplex. 

The process to purchase a house typically takes 60 to 90 days. It will be essential to be pre-qualified for a mortgage and that interest rates for non-Canadians can be higher. It may be required to submit a reference letter from your bank, an employment letter showing your income in Canadian or US dollars, three months’ bank statements, and a Canadian credit check.

It will be imperative to have a contract of sale and purchase agreement, which once signed, will be presented to the seller’s realtors. Post submitting this contract and purchase agreement, a real estate lawyer or notary will be contacted for the conveyancing of mortgage, transfer of monies and property resignation. Once this final step is complete, buyers will be able to move into their new home.

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Vazir Group offers you support to make the best decision when it comes to your new home. If you would like to know more about our immigration programs to Canada and any other relevant information in respect to your potential move, we are more than happy to assist you with this, kindly contact us: https://vazirgroup.com/apply. Our team of immigration specialists will reach out to you to answer your questions and help you start your transition to Canada.

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