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Here we’ll lay down the details of migration to Canada PR without IELTS. If you have ever considered relocating there and want to learn about Canadian immigration without IELTS. Get a job as soon as possible after moving to a new country if you want to be able to support yourself financially. One of the greatest methods to get work in Canada is to apply for a permanent resident visa. If an applicant achieves permanent resident status, they can easily hunt for a job that suits their skills and live and work in the province of their choice.

There are numerous immigration programmes to choose from, the Express Entry programme is the fastest option to receive a permanent residence visa. Candidates who have registered for this programme are evaluated based on a variety of eligibility requirements, including age, education, work experience, adaptability, language skills, etc. With a Comprehensive Ranking System, points are given for each factor and are ranked in accordance with them (CRS). The Express Entry profile with the highest ranking is chosen by eligible employers from various provinces. This quick entry method also works as a job gateway for employers.

If your English language score is good you have a better chance of securing a job and migrating to Canada successfully. Applicants can choose from the test options IELTS, CELPIP, TEF, or TCF are for Canadian immigration.

Non-native English speakers can find it challenging to fulfil high scoring requirements, such as CLB 7 or above, and fail to receive final approval. While applicants may perform well on other measures, such as age, work history, and educational background, they often fall short on one of the main English language proficiency requirements for Express Entry.

For such eligible applicants, Canada's Provincial Nominee Programs is the go-to solution Several PNP streams picks and nominates suitable individuals from the Express entry pool for Canada PR despite a low IELTS score which ranges between CLB 4-6.

The best Provincial Nominee programmes which will let you secure PR in Canada without an IELTS score of the band of CLB 7 or even above.

  • You can live and work in Canada indefinitely without restrictions.
  • Make twice as much as you do currently while working for any company you choose.
  • If you are married, you do not need to obtain an additional family visa for your spouse or children to travel.
  • The education of children is free, and spouses are permitted to work for any Canadian company.
  • Your family's medical care will be covered by the Canadian government, so there is no need for you to make any payments.
  • You can submit a citizenship application after three years.

Let's take a detailed look at the programmes that do not need IELTS for Applying residentship


The SINP offers a variety of specialised immigration routes that let foreign nationals become Canadian citizens permanently. The PNP is intentionally meant to target immigrants who can help the province's economy flourish, such as qualified workers, employees in fields where there is a lack of labour, those who have employment offers, and the businessmen. Three types of PNP streams are offered by province, namely International Skilled Worker, Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and farm, and Experience of Saskatchewan.


  • technicians for electronic demands
  • managers of public services
  • agricultural manager
  • contractors for agricultural services
  • representatives, consultants, and experts in agriculture
  • Saskatchewan Businessman and Farm

The Saskatchewan International Skilled Work visa is the most popular of the three, thanks to its subcategories for Fast Entry and occupations in demand.


The province of Manitoba offers a scheme for nominating immigrants who are qualified, able to live and work there, and who can contribute to the growth of the province's economy. Like SINP, Manitoba PNP has minimal IELTS score criteria and is known as the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Manitoba simply requires a candidate for permanent residence to receive 4 bands overall on the IELTS exam. A family member of the applicant must live in the province and be ready to sponsor the application for permanent residency in the province. This is one of the key requirements of this method. Candidates are given preference over others if they have expertise working in one of the professions listed under the profession in demand.


The Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador provinces make up the Atlantic region of Canada, and through the relatively new Atlantic Immigration Program, interested foreigners may live there as permanent residents. Employers in the Atlantic can use the initiative to fill positions with eligible applicants. Before applying for this programme, the individual must already have a job offer. A very low IELTS score with a CLB 4 or higher is required for the programme.

In a different situation, you might be able to apply for a PR visa despite having a subpar IELTS score. Choose the main applicant—the individual with the highest IELTS score—when submitting your application as a couple. A very low IELTS score with a CLB 4 or higher is required for the programme. As long as the primary applicant's IELTS score satisfies the minimal requirement, the second applicant's IELTS score won't be taken into consideration.

Another option for moving to Canada is to apply for a Canadian work visa permit before obtaining permanent status.

The following categories are available to applicants who wish to apply in this category:

  • Student Permit
  • LMIA-Based Visa
  • Working Holiday

For eligibility purposes, the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) visa does not use a points system. Many immigrants who want to work momentarily in Canada submit LMIA-based visa applications in their thousands. The visa applicant must have a job offer from a Canadian employer and a favourable LMIA from the ISDC in order to be permitted to work temporarily in Canada. Businesses must demonstrate how hiring talented immigrants will advance and grow the province relative to the current situation.

Moreover, English and French are both official languages of Canada.If you are proficient in French language, you can easily move to Canada without IELTS.


You can always apply for a Canada PR Visa through the provincial nomination programme if you want to relocate to Canada without having IELTS of at least CLB level 7 or above. You can get in touch with a team at Vazir Group, one of the leading immigration consultants, for assistance in selecting the PNP immigration stream that best fits your profile and increases your chances of receiving a successful nomination for permanent residency from the province.

Our job consultation service is one of the things we offer. Our highly qualified employees are well versed and connected to help you get PR without IELTS. With a lot of applications completed successfully, Vazir Group has given all the clients professional advice and direction to help them plan their strategy for finding the ideal job that matches their skills and allows them to reach their full potential.

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