Immigration In 2021. Destination: Canada!

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. Even so, we are looking forward to new opportunities that 2021 should bring us. We all hope that the COVID-19 situation will cool down in the months to come and that travel will again be easy and accessible. That is why we are already looking for captivating directions to choose from in 2021. How about moving to Canada? If you have ever thought about migrating to one of the most inviting countries in the world, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. Vazir Group can help you achieve your goals.


Vazir Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is an immigration consultancy firm. The company aims to offer an amazing advisory service to their clients and share achievable destinations for migration across the globe.

Skilled consultants from the Vazir Group are ready to prepare an individualized offer for anyone willing to move to another country. The agency is happy to give you a helping hand if you are seeking new experiences and want to seek new challenges abroad.

The company is not just about preparing customers to relocate. The business focuses on giving you the best standard of services for migration. Their individual approach to each client is what makes Vazir Group stand out in comparison to other services.


Even despite the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, Canada is still big on immigration. On October 30, 2020, Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino released new Immigration Level Plans for 2021-2023. The policy states that the government wants to invite more than 400,000 new permanent residents each year!

The easiest and safest way to apply for Canadian residency is an investment immigration program. If you have an innovative idea you want to implement in North America, you are already one step ahead. You can also choose a foreign worker or skilled worker program. Thanks to that you will be able to work and earn a good income in Canada. Just a few more things and you will receive residency and then maybe even a Canadian passport?

But before you start your application process to become a resident in Canada, you need to prove your English language proficiency. You will have to pass an IELTS 5 (International English Language Testing System) certificate. Canada is a bilingual country. They speak both English and French there, yet it is efficient to pass the IELTS 5.

Once you are ready to start the process of acquiring Canadian residency, you should contact Vazir Group. Their specialists are ready to guide you through the whole procedure. But first, ensure that Canada is the right choice for you. Maybe we could help a bit?


We bet that the first thing that comes to your mind is maple syrup. Or maybe when you think about Canada you see its perfect snow-covered mountains and crystal-clear lakes. This North American country has so much more to offer. Yet, is there anything better than eating toasts covered with maple syrup while overlooking a mountainous landscape?

Of course, the breathtaking outdoors is what makes Canada so special. Its natural beauty is enticing and inviting. The Canadians are lovely and welcoming people, who make the experience of visiting the country even more adorable.

Apart from wonderful views and outgoing citizens, Canada has a lot more benefits! Do you know that Canadians have a free healthcare system? They even offer free education up to college and university levels. The fees are subsidized by the provincial and federal governments. What a wonderful option, right?

Moreover, the social system is very well developed in Canada. When you become a Canadian resident, you get the opportunity to live and work anywhere you want in the country. There is even no tax on global income.

The job market in Canada is very promising, as the economy is developing quickly. Nearly 60 percent of newcomers are coming to this North American country because of the wonderful job opportunities waiting for them.

Do these pinpoints sound like something you could go for? If so, submit your application form at Vazir Group’s official website now. The agency will be more than happy to help you.


The best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai are eager to guide you and show you the way to get Canadian residency. Their Entrepreneur Permanent Residency Program is open to all who search for new and thrilling adventures. You can also get a job in Canada and become a full-time working resident.

You can choose from many fantastic cities in this beautiful country. From the western Vancouver area, through the central municipalities of Calgary or Winnipeg, to the eastern cities like Toronto and the capital Ottawa.


Choose any place that you think is most suitable for you and your business. Professionals at Vazir Group will then connect your needs with locally selected individuals to let you lease a workplace for a period of 1 year.

You are free to take your spouse and children with you – there are no limitations as far as family is concerned. Within 12 to 15 months you and your loved ones receive the Permanent Residency papers. And after living 3 out of 5 years in Canada you are free to apply for Canadian citizenship and a passport.


Vazir Group has also prepared perfect programs for skilled workers. Canada is in constant need of professionals, and it has become even easier now for workers to relocate there. With one of the world’s largest economies, this country has many working opportunities to offer.

Therefore, if you want to move to Canada with your family, Vazir Group will make it easier for you. Within a couple of months, you will be guided throughout the whole immigration process. There are a few different programs prepared for skilled workers. The fees to pay along the way are minimal. Professional consultants will help you with your first steps in Canada.

If you ready to move to this marvelous country, and become a permanent resident – contact Vazir Group now. This is truly a wonderful chance to achieve something entirely else in your life.

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