Impact Of Corona Virus On Your Immigration Status

The Corona virus has struck every country in the world. It is likely to be a game changer of how governments and countries operate in the future. It has changed society as we knew it both domestically and internationally and the immigration system is no exception.

While the scope and extent of new immigration restrictions resulting from COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented, your current or future application will not be affected by the temporary quarantines imposed by government to stop the spread of the virus. Vazir Group has an efficient preparation and submission process towards the receipt of your new citizenship. Furthermore, passport deliveries and citizenship approvals continue to arrive as normal.

We appreciate that the Corona virus has caused grave anxiety and concern for individuals; people are feeling increasingly isolated and confused. We want to support people during these unprecedented times and as such, we are now offering free, no-obligation consultations that can take place over the phone, one the same day you contact us.

We have added a WhatsApp direct line (+971 52 506 0785) by one of our immigration program experts so feel free to ask any questions, it will be our pleasure to assist you in getting the right answers, fast.

We will always update you with new ways of sharing information and documentation to ensure optimal processing times. The current situation is not affecting our activity as the first part of the process is dedicated to collect the supporting documents, signing the contract and starting the immigration process.

We can advise you on the current guidance and what it means for you. Whether you are looking for reassurance, guidance or practical advice – we are here to help!

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