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If you live in India then you might be interested in the latest migration news from Vazir Group. Our consultancy company has just opened the second local office for Indians. To complement the previous office in New Delhi, this time we have decided to aim for Chandigarh. Currently, India, as well as the rest of the world, is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Having to deal with economic issues, we do believe that immigration opens new ways to a more satisfying life. That is why we expand our advisory services for immigration applicants in India. In the following article, you will get to know more about immigration possibilities for Indian citizens.


The first week of April 2021 marked the time we decided to open our new branch in India. This has happened in response to the great interest in immigration possibilities for Indians. Using our experience and skills, Vazir Group has been reaching out to Indian citizens for a few years now. Offering some of the most reliable opportunities for immigration and relocations to the most spectacular destination countries.

Why Chandigarh, you might ask? Before deciding to open our new Indian office in this beautiful city, our specialists from the Delhi office spent some time researching the area. Vazir Group has already carried out some frequent events for the citizens of the district and the Punjab area that had a great high demand for first-hand information and positive results.  

We solemnly believe that we have the chance to encourage our clients to choose the best pathways to immigration. Answering the high demand in Chandigarh, we want to be closer to you. We aim to provide high-quality and reliable consultancy on migration and relocation.

If you leave around the Chandigarh district, do not hesitate to contact the Vazir Group office. Our contact information: Vazir Immigration Services, Elante Office, Industrial Area Phase 1. Feel free to call us at +91 8699991145.


We are proud to say that our New Delhi immigration consultancy office is experiencing an increasing interest among our clients. According to their feedback and testimonials, the New Delhi office is the best immigration consultancy in the capital.

Vazir Group’s New Delhi office is open to all skilled professionals willing to take a new step in life. Our experienced consultants possess the know-how and are ready to assist everyone with the migration process. We can help you choose the most convenient and fastest pathway to the most wonderful destination countries around the world.

The highly popular office in New Delhi offers the best immigration consultancy in India. If you are looking for opportunities to migrate from India, get in touch with our experts. The Delhi address is Vazir Immigration Services, 16 A Palam Marg Vasant Vihar opposite Malai Mandir, New Delhi 110057. To arrange a meeting, call us at +91 9311619005.


Calling out to all skilled workers eligible for migration from India. Vazir Group has prepared a few wonderful opportunities to apply for residency as well as work abroad. One of the most popular (as of April 2021) is our amazing Express Entry Program. Carefully tailored to meet the expectations of all our demanding clients and also their families.

The Express Entry Program right now is the quickest and most convenient pathway to immigration for Indians. For example, if you want to immigrate to Canada from India, the Express Entry Program shortens the application process to only 8 to 10 months. Despite the changing rules of travel to Canada due to the global pandemic, the country is still open to migrants.

After scheduling a meeting with Vazir Group consultants in Delhi or Chandigarh, you can apply for the Express Entry Program. The plan is for participants up to the age of 36. Applicants eligible for the program must possess a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of working experience.

In the past few years, the number of Indians who became permanent residents in Canada rose. In 2016, 39,340 Indians were living in Canada. The number increased to 80,685 in 2019.

Skilled professionals from India are well regarded all around the world. No wonder why the Indians create such a strong diaspora with nearly 20 million Indians living abroad. The numbers make Indians the strongest diaspora, outnumbering the migrants from Mexico, China, and Russia. Thus, becoming an immigrant is safe and you are likely to meet your fellow countrymen abroad.


With headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and also offices in India, Vazir Group is the leading immigration consultancy in both countries. Our company’s goal is to ensure the most prominent advisory services to future immigrants. We understand the seriousness of immigration from India and therefore aim to provide seamless assistance throughout the application process.

Vazir Group's professional advisors are ready to propose an individualized bid for those interested in relocating to another country. If you would like to broaden your horizons and take on new challenges overseas, check the current immigration offer. The company is also dedicated to providing you with the highest quality migration services. Vazir Group distinguishes itself from other providers by taking an individual approach to each customer.

We all know that applying for relocation might be difficult to understand, as well as time-consuming. With a lot of stringent timelines, protocols, and standards, it is common to make an error. Therefore, applying on your own may cost you the opportunity to qualify for permanent residency. You do not have to take that risk if you only decide to let the Vazir Group help you. Moreover, we will provide you with the advice and assistance you will need to submit a satisfactory application.

Immigration opportunities for Indians are endless and you are soon to find out why. Do not hesitate to contact Vazir Group’s offices in New Delhi and Chandigarh to know more. We are ready to assist you throughout the whole application process. Thus, trust our experience and skills, schedule an appointment today.

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