Make Canada your next big business venture

Make Canada your next big business venture

The intra-company program falls under the international mobility program in which ambitious entrepreneurs can opt to start their new business venture in Canada. The foreign national who is interested in this program can apply for it in any Canadian territory or province besides Quebec.

There are 3 types of ICR programs which are offered by Vazir Group:

  • A qualified individual can buy a running business in Canada that gives revenue from the very first day. Once you become a Canadian business owner, you can also transfer your managerial position to another employee and transfer employees from your home country to work in Canada.
  • With the ICT program, the individual can also start a completely new company in Canada, get a work permit, and hire managers and executives.
    What are the key steps of buying a franchise in Canada?
    • Selection of an appropriate franchise for-profit and immigration
      Before purchasing a franchise, the entrepreneur must consider some important factors:
      • Profitability of the business
      • The location
      • The franchisor’s support
      • Business feasibility
      • Number of employees
    • Conduct a due diligence
      Conduct a market research analysis, make revenue projections, find out the ideal number of employees to be hired, and much more.
    • Negotiate terms & pay the deposit
    • Proceed with immigration applications
      Based on the number of employees and roles of each foreign employee, Vazir Group can assist and guide the owner in choosing the appropriate immigration pathway which is best for them and their families. At the same time, our team will help the new business owner in their visa application process, but the first few documents must be submitted, such as management experience, franchise purchase agreement, lease agreement, proof of payment of the initial deposit of franchise fees, market study, feasibility study, availability of funds to purchase and operate the business and a full-proof business plan.
    • Close the deal and enter Canada Once all the paperwork mentioned previously is done, the owner must complete the payment for buying the franchise.
    • Undergo a training and launch operations Once the owner arrives in Canada, they must proceed with a training program given by the franchisors, which usually takes around 2 weeks. Once this is done the owner can start running their business under the franchisor’s brand.
  • If Canada is a relatively new market for a potential candidate, he/she can buy a franchise in the country, which is a very attractive option for business immigrants because they are working with an already established brand and customer base. The pathway is set when it comes to the method of doing business, marketing support, and training. This is a very low-risk option available in this program.

Once the business is settled and up for running the owner can now decide the type of foreign workers to hire. A lot of paperwork is required for this recruitment process such as a “Commitment Certificate”, and “Letter of Support” and must register at the Canada Revenue Agency to get a business number.

Both the company and the transferee must meet certain qualifications to be eligible for ICT.

The intra-company category permits international companies to temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada to improve management effectiveness, expand Canadian exports, and enhance competitiveness in overseas markets.

ICT work permits are initially valid for one year and may be eligible for renewal. If the worker qualifies, employers are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirement.

What are the key benefits of the Intra-Company Transfer work permit program?
  • Live and work in Canada: you and your family can live and work in Canada.
  • Send your children to Canadian public schools: your children can attend public schools in Canada for free.
  • No English language is required: you may obtain a work permit to work in Canada without the need to demonstrate your knowledge of English or French languages. A minimum of 1 year of managerial experience for managerial positions is required.
  • Access to free health care: You will be eligible for free medical health coverage after 3 months of work in Canada.
  • You can reside in your home country: You are not required to reside in Canada on a full-time basis and can continue your business in your home country.
  • Business opportunities: You will get access to the Canadian and USA markets for expansion of your business, secure and stable banking system, financing capital, and business opportunities.
  • Permanent residency: You will be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence and after living in Canada for 3 years as a permanent resident, you can apply for Canadian citizenship and obtain one of the most desirable passports in the world.
  • Bring workers from your country: You can bring your key workers from your home country to work for your company in Canada.

What is the success rate of the Intra-Company Transfer applications?

According to the official statistics released by the Canadian immigration authorities, the ICT approval rates are as follows:

  • Inland Applications: 88%
  • Embassies & Consulates: 89%
  • Port of Entry (for visa-exempt countries): 100%

We also cater to business owners who are looking to expand their business in Canada, Vazir Group’s ICT program offers its clients the option of either buying a running business in Canada that gives revenue from the very first day or franchising with an existing business in Canada and get a work permit for the owner, the managers, and the executives, which can be turned into permanent residency.

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