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Most Popular Immigration Pathways for US PR in 2023

The United States of America is considered to be one of the best and most sought-after destinations for people trying to move out of their homeland. This article will talk about how you can immigrate to this land of dreams while covering different immigration programmes, green cards, permanent residency, and more.

There are many different ways in which you can move to the US using an immigrant visa which in turn can also provide you permanent residency in the country. There are also other options such as non-immigrant visas which will allow you to move to the nation but won’t grant you permanent residency rights. Both options ask for the fulfilment of certain eligibility according to the visa that you are applying for.


The process of immigration to the US is different according to the type of Visa that you are applying for. However, here is a generic overview of the process:

There are a variety of options available for you that can allow you to move to the United States of America. These options are tailored according to the reason you are seeking to move to the country. These reasons include diversity, work, family, and humanitarianism. Here is a brief look at all of these:


These applications allow an individual to become a resident of the US based on the relationship that the individual shares with an individual who is already a citizen of the nation. If your parent, spouse, child, or sibling is a citizen of the US or is an LPR, they can sponsor your immigration. Not every application of this nature will be processed as there is a limit to how many applications can be accepted from each country. Immediate relatives are generally excluded from these limitations.

Here are the family-based visas that are excluded from limitations:

  • IR-1 – Spouse of an individual who is already a citizen of the US
  • IR-2 – Any unmarried individual who is below the age of 21 and is the child of an individual who is already a citizen of the United States of America
  • IR-3 – An orphan who gets adopted by any United States of America citizen outside the US of America
  • IR-5 – A parent of any United States of America citizen who is either 21 or older


Another way in which you can get a green card as a foreign national is through employment. Foreign nationals are allowed to not only work but also live permanently in the US. The eligibility of these visas is varied but generally, people who have highly sought-after skills including healthcare professionals, engineers, and scientists are preferred over other professionals. For this visa, a person must have a job offer from the States and also an employer who is willing to sponsor their application. In most cases, the employer has to also prove that there are no suitable candidates for the position already living in the United States of America.

There are many categories of employment-based green cards and all of them have unique and different eligibility requirements. One thing common between all of them is that they prioritise special immigrants, priority workers, highly skilled professionals, and similar professionals. Getting a US green card through this method can be quite difficult, however, it is also one of the best and most attractive methods of getting a green card for the USA. It should be prioritised by all the people who might be eligible for this category.

Here are the options:

  • EB 1 Green Card for Priority Workers – All the people and professionals who have outstanding and extraordinary abilities come under this option. These include multinational executives as well as managers, highly skilled researchers, outstanding professors, etc.
  • EB 2 Green Card for Professionals with Advanced Degrees - This option includes all the people who either have extremely advanced degrees or have exceptional abilities in fields such as arts, sciences, or business.
  • EB 3 Green Card for Professionals and Skilled Workers – Under this option professionals, skilled workers, and all other workers who are not temporary or seasonal can apply.
  • EB 4 Green Card for Special Immigrants – This category is reserved for people such as broadcasters, religious workers, and other kinds of special immigrants.
  • EB 5 Visa Green Card for Investors – This option is suitable for people who would want to invest a particular amount of capital in any US commercial enterprise. This investment should lead to the creation of jobs.


A special immigrant or a humanitarian-based green card can be used to get either temporary status or permanent residency. This is meant for people who are trying to escape from their homelands in the fear of persecution or those who have had to deal with major hardships in their home country. This option is generally available for victims of human trafficking, refugees, people seeking asylum, and all other people who are on humanitarian parole or are in similar or adjacent situations.


TWhile moving to a new nation can be a tough decision and an equally tough time, it is still an option worth considering. If you are confused about how to understand the various options available for getting permanent residency in the United States of America and want someone to solve your queries and answer your questions then you are at the right place.

Get in touch with the Vazir Group team who are known to be one of the leading and promising immigration consultants. The team of experts will surely help you to understand the Immigration steps for US PR, the immigration system to the United States of America and will help to increase the chances of you getting through the process with great success.

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