Myths About Canadian Immigration

While there are many anti-immigration sentiments prevalent all across Canada and about Canada in the world, Canadian immigration is still a highly sought-after thing. There are many myths and untrue sentiments about migration to Canada. But once you look into these so-called facts, you will come to know that most of these are simple myths. This article will try to cover some of the most prevalent myths regarding migration to Canada and will try to dispose of them.

Common Myths Associated with Immigration to Canada:


Immigrants Are A Huge Problem for the Canadian Economy


This is a common myth that has made the lives of many tentative migrants to Canada quite troublesome. In fact, the immigration policies of this nation are designed in such a way that the nation wants to get as many skilled workers as possible to the country. The policy believes that skilled workers can improve the condition and situation of the Canadian economy. 


Most people who choose to immigrate to Canada are educated in many different fields and many of them are highly educated. This way these people can bring diverse ranges of experiences, languages, cultures, and skills with them. This makes them an invaluable resource and they can surely add a lot to the nation and can help Canada to become a strong presence in the global competitive market.


According to the Canada West Foundation, every 10% of the increase in immigration increases the export rate by 1%. While this number may seem small when the size of the nation is considered it becomes quite a considerable and significant number. Recent immigrants have proved to become majority owners in some of the fastest and largest growing small to medium enterprises in Canada. 


Immigrants Snatch Away Jobs From Canadians


One of the main reasons why people consider migrating to this nation is due to the sheer number of job opportunities in Canada. This added migration however does not sit well with a lot of Canadians who think that bringing immigrants to the nation during job shortages, economic uncertainty, and high unemployment rates is a catastrophic decision that can wreak havoc on the nation's economy. 


However, what many Canadians do not understand is that migrants are at a large disadvantage as far as competing with Canadians for jobs in Canada is concerned. This is because most migrants do have the experience of living in Canada that Canadians have. Similarly, even higher education and degrees such as legal and medical degrees sometimes do not translate over to Canadian equivalents which forces these professionals to take lower-end jobs in Canada. 


According to data between 1993 and 2001, it was observed that migrants who have been living in Canada for ten years or less were more over-qualified than their Canadian counterparts. Yes, many immigrants do come to Canada with a lot of skills and qualifications, but their qualifications are not always recognised on par with the Canadian-born workers and professionals who are trained in the same fields. These immigrants then cannot compete for jobs with Canadian citizens, even if they have the same or perhaps higher levels of qualifications. 


Immigrants=Increased Crimes


While many Canadians are happy to invite immigrants from different nations to their homeland, a lot of people do hold grudges against the newcomers and believe that they can bring a lot of unwanted and unwelcome crimes to the country. According to the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, however, newcomers and immigrants are much less likely to get involved in criminal activities of different kinds as compared to people who were born in Canada.


Immigrants who have moved to Canada to start new lives try to stay away from the crime scene and are much happier enjoying the sovereignty and security that the nation offers. Immigrants are trying to find a place that is secure and safe for them and their families and indulging in crimes proves to be counterproductive for this end goal. Many immigrants from various risky nations decide to move to Canada so that they can stay away from the hardships, threats, and atrocities that they often face in their home countries. Thus the statement that immigrants bring crime to Canada is non-evidential and unfounded and should be taken with a grain of salt. 


Internationally Trained and Educated Immigrants are not as Qualified as their Canadian Counterparts


Around 40% of people who are trained in a particular skill are able to continue in the same field in Canada. These professionals undergo rigorous practice, training, and work in their own nations and once they move to Canada, they have to undergo additional accreditation even before they can begin to work in their own fields. The accreditation process involves strict testing as well as additional training which makes the professional equal to or sometimes even better than their Canadian counterparts.


It is necessary to remember that professionals coming from other nations need to get assessed by accredited Canadian assessment institutes and bodies and only then can they work in their own fields. In fact, according to 2011 data, more than 26% of doctors working in Ontario received their training from a nation other than Canada. 


Illegal Immigrants Commit Tax Theft


Illegal immigrants are present in the state illegally and therefore they are not allowed to work legitimately. This means that they cannot pay income taxes. However, this does not mean that they cannot pay sales as well as property taxes. What this does mean is that while they still pay these taxes it does not mean that they will receive all the benefits and services that these taxes provide. 

Non-status immigrants pay various taxes and contribute to different funds including property taxes, HST, and CPP, and may also have social insurance numbers. Permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, and refugee claimants all pay all taxes but may or may not receive all the services that they are entitled to receive through these taxes.


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