Nurses In-demand Now More Than Ever In Canada

Like every health service globally right now, Canadas amazing health care system has been put under tremendous pressure with staffing shortages. Not to mention the Canadian employees retiring earlier and young professionals migrating to urban cities has left a huge gap in the labour market. 

Healthcare workers are among some of the hardest working professionals in the world and Canada realizes this.  In fact, the Canadian government has announced on May 2020 that it has allocated $3 billion to increase the wages of these essential workers. 


Aside from getting residency in Canada by working as a nurse in Canada, you could also earn anywhere from CAD 28,000 as an experienced nurses aide to CAD 100,000 as an experienced registered nurse. As well as enjoy various work benefits including paid vacation, extended healthcare, insurance and pension plans. 

Benefits vary depending on provinces, rural or urban and of course experience. And even though you will be very much in demand, you will not be overworked. Typically, nurses will work 8-12 hours shifts and 36-40 hours a week. This means you could end up working three days on, four days off!


To begin this process, an applicant with a nursing degree from outside Canada must have their educational credentials assessed. Since educational credentials can be assessed from both inside and outside Canada, applicants are given the option to remain in their country of residence during the assessment process.  

After education credentials assessment, applicants must register as nurse/caregiver in Canada. When this has been completed, an applicant may initiate the process of obtaining a job offer and work permit in Canada. And to facilitate the process of finding a job offer, provinces have implemented services to help connect internationally educated nurses to employment opportunities in healthcare communities. 


Submission of detailed curriculum vitae (CV) of the applicant as well as spouse along with the supporting documents.


Signing of contract with Vazir Group. 


First instalment $5,000 + VAT (fully refundable if a job offer is not obtained within the 120 days of signing the contract).


Issuance of job letter. 


Second instalment (amount varies according to the job – to assist and apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in Canada.


Issuance of LMIA.


Third instalment (amount varies according to the job – to assist and apply for the Work Permit.


Issuance of Work Permit. 


Applicant can relocate.

In general, an applicant will need to demonstrate competency to practice. To demonstrate this, an applicant will need to have their educational credentials assessed. Once education credentials are deemed equivalent to nursing education programs in Canada, the nursing regulatory body will then address whether other application requirements are met. Additional application requirements generally include criteria such as work experience, good character, language proficiency, screening for criminal history, and medical examination by registered hospitals. 

With so many immigration requirements, the process becomes so complex, time-consuming, and difficult to wrap your head around. With strict deadlines, procedures, and requirements it can be easy to make a mistake that could cost you your chance to immigrate and get greater employment opportunities. This is why seeking help from immigration consultants is so vital. 

At Vazir Group, our consultants are ready to evaluate your eligibility, review all documentation and submit all these documents on your behalf. With our vast knowledge of how to immigrate to Canada, we can offer you the guidance and assistance that you will need for a successful application. 

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