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Portugal – Is It A Good Destination For Immigration In 2021?

So, you are looking for the ultimate immigration destination for 2021? With so many wonderful countries and opportunities to choose from, the decision is not a simple one. No need to worry because there are professional consultants ready to support you. They will provide you with all the necessary information on the best destinations for this year. Vazir Group has named Portugal one of the most sought-after targets for 2021. We want to summarize all the prime qualities of that beautiful European country.


Immigration is often a difficult choice and a tiring process if you do it on your own. The professional consultants at Vazir Group understand that perfectly. Thus, this agency based in Dubai, UAE, lends a helping hand to all willing to migrate.

Skilled advisors always prepare an individualized offer for each person. It all starts with choosing the perfect destination for you and finishes with the legislation process. All you need to do is contact Vazir Group and let professionals handle the rest.

While others focus on the relocation itself, Vazir Group’s team takes its customers’ comfort to the heart. The main goal is to make the immigration process a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The same applies to all clients who want to choose Portugal as their dream destination.


Portugal is one of the most breathtaking countries in Europe. No wonder why it has become such an attractive immigration destination. More importantly, relocating to Lisbon or any other city there has become a lot simpler over the past few years.

Vazir Group wants you to take advantage of the Golden Visa Program in Portugal. There are two wonderful pathways to this astonishing country in the European Union. You can either choose an investment in real estate or focus on devoting to a private equity fund. Portuguese residency and citizenship are just a step away! 


Immigration to Portugal can be fulfilled thanks to investing in real estate. It is an easy-to-follow process, during which Vazir Group will guide you. Everything starts with selecting a property that is adequate for devoting money to it. After that, you prepare your submitting application. As soon as all documentation are ready, you become eligible to invest.

In the end, the process results in you receiving a Portuguese residency card. Based on the Golden Visa Program, you are allowed to apply for a permanent residency and a Portuguese passport after 5 years of acquiring the Visa.

The required investment is a minimum of 350,000 EURO in an older property or 500,000 EURO in any real estate.


Vazir Group has prepared another wonderful way to become a Portuguese resident. This time it is dedicated to entrepreneurs willing to invest in private equity funds. After devoting yourself to a fund and residing in Portugal for 5 years, you will be able to apply for a Portuguese passport.

The process requires you to open a bank account in Portugal. The next step is transferring money to that account. You can choose a fund you want to invest in. After that, you need to sign all necessary documentation. Then, transfer the investment from your Portuguese bank account. Furthermore, you will receive a Fund Subscription Declaration. This document confirms the legitimacy of your investment.

The lowest required acquisition in participation units or private equity funds is 350,000 EURO.


Not sure whether you should invest in real estate or funds in Portugal? The consultancy agents at Vazir Group will aid you in making the right decision. Whatever the decision you make will be, you can benefit from either option:

  • You do not have to speak Portuguese, as there is no language test before applying for residency.
  • During the first year of residency, you will have to physically reside in Portugal for only 7 days.
  • Within the years to come, the physical residency period extends to 14 days per year.
  • Thanks to the Golden Visa Program all candidates can take their spouses and children with them. Only kids up to 18 years of age or financially dependent are eligible.
  • After 5 years of Portuguese residency, you have the right to apply for a Portugal Passport.


Beautiful landscapes with breathtaking sea views, colorful Mediterranean architecture, the famous yellow trams of Lisbon, and a sip of the world-renowned Port wine. Portugal is an outstanding place to live. With so much more to offer, this country has been attracting investors from all around the world. What are the main advantages of immigrating to Portugal?

One of the reasons foreigners decide to relocate to Portugal is the strong Portuguese passport. This amazing country is a member of both the European Union and the Schengen Zone. Receiving a residency in Portugal results in an opportunity to travel visa-free within the Zone. Furthermore, you can use it not only for leisure but for work as well.

The Portuguese passport grants you visa-free access to 186 countries all over the world. Additionally, as an immigrant in Portugal, you are obliged to take part in the Portuguese tax regime for non-habitual residents. It is an established tax structure, which gives you a handful of tax exemptions and flat rates. Such a regime works to encourage prospective investors and new immigrants in relocating to Portugal.

To conclude, we can admit that Portugal is one of the most interesting immigration choices in modern times. Applying for residency and receiving a strong Portuguese passport opens the gateway to a lot more opportunities. Thus, relocating to Portugal will result in securing your and your family’s future.

Are you interested in Portugal’s immigration plans? Do not hesitate to contact Vazir Group’s specialists, who will guide you through their amazing Golden Visa Program. Becoming a Portuguese resident and acquiring an EU passport has never been easier!

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