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Whether it is work, study, living or travelling, Canada is always considered the best destination for ample reasons. Every year, it invites thousands of immigrants for several prospects as it is blessed to offer endless opportunities for the foreign candidates who want to have a secure future. As the country has a low population density, available skilled workers fail to fulfil essential job requirements.

Thus, to overcome this issue, Canada hires foreign, skilled workers from every corner of the world and grants Canadian PR visas. Canadian employers choose qualified candidates that can fulfil their requirements. To complete the entire process, they necessitate a report to hire skilled foreign workers, and that report is named “LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment”.

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment is a crucial aspect of hiring temporary foreign skilled workers by Canadian employers. About the relevant job and industrial arena, it is vital to issue a positive LMIA before a temporary foreign worker applies for a temporary work permit. LMIA, formerly called LMO (Labor Market Opinion), is a crucial document that takes a specified time. The thing considered to be explored how long it takes to get LMIA or the LMIA processing time?

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) regulates an LMIA examination based on employment offers, recruitment programs, and the influence of skilled foreign workers in Canada to improvise the living standards and employment opportunities in Canada.

After the initial examination, ESDC issues two reports, namely;

A positive LMIA indicates an employer fails to find a relevant qualified, skilled worker in Canada and fill a specific job in Canada. In contrast, a Negative LMIA suggests the existence of enough Canadian or permanent residents to fill the current job vacancy. In simple words, Canadian employers are required to present proof that there are no relevant qualified local workers for the current opening through LMIA.

Processing Time of LMIA in Canada

The processing time of LMIA in Canada ranges from 15 to a few months based on the circumstances. The most crucial thing is the authenticity and quality of application content. The more accurate and complete the application, the more probability it will be processed swiftly. At present, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) assures the processing time of ten days for the following three categories:

  • Highly Demanded occupation
  • 120-days work length
  • Highly paid jobs that are not in the top ten per cent.

ESDC thoroughly processes the LMIA application after being filed or submitted by the employer. After that, a confirmation letter or a valid LMIA is issued indicating that a business can hire foreign workers for the open job vacancy, as no Canadians are available to fulfil the requirement. On receiving a valid LMIA, the candidate can apply for a work permit in Canada.

Procedure for Applying LMIA in Canada

There are excellent benefits to getting a Portuguese work permit and working there, such as:

  • The expected employer files an LMIA six months before the initiation of the contract
  • The application process varies based on the income of the candidate and the median wage in the province
  • More processes are required for low-wage jobs as compared to high-wage jobs.

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