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For students who wish to pursue their education and dreams abroad, it is necessary to seek expert help to get admission to a good university and to have scholarship opportunities as well. As many prospective students pursue their abroad education based on the educational loans offered by different banks, it is very much crucial for these students to thoroughly understand and explore the scholarship opportunities to lessen their burden post-education.

Further, the application process could be more transparent and different for several countries. Also, due to the vast opportunities to continue their education in various countries, students many times find it challenging to explore and find the right university and nation which can benefit the career of students. They must get expert opinion and guidance which will be suitable as per the requirements of such students to get settled post-completion of the courses. It makes it even more stressful for the students while applying for admission.

Seeking Assistance from Professional Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Hence it requires the professional help of consultants who, with their experience and updated information, can help students with not only securing admission to top institutes abroad with scholarships but also ease their whole documentation process. Such experts provide help for the immigration and Visa process. In a metropolitan city like Delhi, many consultants offer such services to academic aspirants abroad, but finding genuine consultants and one with a great team of professionals is the key to successful admission into top universities and also to enjoy hassle-free immigration.

Vazir Group is a leader in the industry in providing such consultancy services and helping students to secure the education of their dreams. Indeed, Vazir Group provides unique and well-planned consultancy services for aspirants who want to study, work and settle through investment in several countries.

Additional Immigration Solutions

Vazir Group also provides services for immigration to many countries from Canada to UK and Europe to name a few. At Vazir Group, we have professionals with vast experience and knowledge in the admission process and immigration requirements. With the combined effort of specialised teams, we ensure students secure admission with necessary approvals and opportunities in top universities in several countries and have a hassle-free immigration and Visa process.

At Vazir Group, we first understand the student's requirements and investigate the opportunities that suit their exclusive need. This way, we help the students organise their ideas first to provide the best possible advice and assistance in securing admission to universities abroad as per the student's requirements.

We offer a variety of services to the students, which are end to end, right from selection of university to processing the admission, drafting and editing of the Statement of Purpose, Visa guidance and processing, guidance on finance management and scholarships. Furthermore, we also provide pre-landing immigration services and travel assistance, which includes giving proper guidance on the updated immigration laws, basic information about the country they wish to pursue their education, flight assistance, baggage schemes, affordable and discounted prices and student accommodation in the destination.

These services will prepare the students about the conditions of the destination country, allow them to weigh the opportunities and assess the possibilities of gaining suitable employment after their studies and also for the early settlement in several countries.


Further to the above services, we also offer free assessment and counselling sessions for students seeking to study abroad and planning for a successful career in several countries. Our expert advisors will help the students who are unable to proceed further to achieve their dream education due to fears. We enable them to find the right course to study and the destination as per their requirements and career choices.

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