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Canada has many avenues for immigrants to gain permission to live and work in the country. For example, visas are issued yearly for agricultural and general labour jobs to high-tech positions. To support navigate the process, we've created this comprehensive guide detailing how a work permit in Canada works and the different types of Canadian Work Permits available to foreign nationals.

Eligibility Criteria

The first and foremost step is determining whether or not you are eligible for a Canada work permit. Next, you must meet the eligibility criteria the Government of Canada laid down for this purpose. These include having sufficient funds and documents for your stay in Canada and meeting all the country's health requirements. If you fail to fulfil these conditions, your application may be rejected at that stage itself. You should submit your application online through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

You will need the following documents:

  • An offer of employment from your employer
  • Your resume
  • The copy of your educational certificates and transcripts
  • A copy of your birth certificate or passport
  • The employer may require other documents, including medical examination results, police certificates and more.

Job Offer from Employer in Canada

The next step is to obtain an offer of employment from an employer in Canada. The employer must be willing to sponsor your application for a work permit (and give all other relevant information) so that there are no delays later on when submitting the application form with them attached as required documentation. Your employer may need approval from Service Canada before hiring you and filing paperwork with Citizenship and Immigration Canada for your work permit application. This process can take several months, so if you're planning to come here on vacation or business, prepare accordingly.

Applying for a Work Permit

Upon receiving an offer of employment along with all other required documents, it is time to apply for a work permit. The employer will need to give you a letter of employment so you can apply for a work permit. You will be required to submit this letter along with your application.

The application process involves completing all the necessary paperwork and submitting it to the CIC (Canada Immigration Centre) or IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). You might also require providing other documents such as proof of education, proof of employment experience etc.

Once your application is submitted, it gets reviewed by CIC/IRCC, and they will decide whether they want to issue you a work permit or not. If they issue one, they'll send you an email with details about when and where to pick up your permit once it's ready. If they don't want to issue you one, then they'll send an email explaining why not, along with any other options available to you at this point.

The Bottom Line

If you are coming to Canada on a work permit or are thinking about doing so, it's essential to know the process. Canadian employers value foreign workers who can come in and be productive immediately, so while the work permit process may seem daunting, following these tips will make things much more manageable. It's imperative to allow ample time for your work permit to be processed before your start date to begin working when you arrive in the country.

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