The Ultimate Guide to Intra-Company Transfer to Canada
Table of Contents
  • Exploring Work Permit to Permanent Residency in Canada
  • Understanding the Canadian Job Market: Finding Vacancies
  • Guidance for Work Permit in Canada
  • Navigating Towards Permanent Residency
  • Success Stories and Testimonials
  • Why Choose Vazir Group for Intra-Company Transfer

Welcome to Vazir Group, your trusted partner in navigating the immigration journey. We understand that the process of moving to a new country can be daunting, especially when it comes to securing your work permit and ultimately achieving Canada permanent residency.

Exploring Work Permit to Permanent Residency in Canada

When it comes to working in Canada, the intra-company transfer (ICT) pathway offers a versatile option, catering not only to business owners looking to establish their presence in the country but also to businesses aiming to open new branches or invest in Canadian enterprises. This program enables business owners not only to secure their work permits but also to bring their workforce with them if desired. However, what truly sets this route apart is its potential for transitioning to permanent residency, offering long-term stability and countless opportunities for your business endeavors.

Understanding and finding the Job Vacancies in Canada:

Before embarking on your journey, it is crucial to understand the Canadian job market. Canada has a diverse array of industries actively in search of skilled workers, presenting numerous opportunities for business expansion and growth.

To kickstart your business endeavors, we recommend utilizing online job portals and networking with professionals in your desired industry. Alternatively, you can contact Vazir Group, and we will assist you in exploring current job vacancies in Canada and connecting with potential partners and clients.

Unlock the key to a brighter future. Discover how the ICT program can benefit your business and pave your way to success!

Guidance for Work Permit in Canada

As you embark on your journey toward a Canada work permit, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements and documentation necessary for a successful application. Vazir Group's immigration consultants can guide you through the process, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary qualifications and eligibility criteria.

Steps to apply for Canadian PR:

  • Complete the ECA
  • Language Test
  • Profile creation
  • Canada PNP (optional)
  • Invitation to apply
  • Medical & Police clearance
  • Review
  • Confirmation of Canada PR
  • Apply for the card

The ICT work permit application involves gathering extensive documentation, including your employment contract, proof of qualifications, and comprehensive information about your enterprise. This is particularly crucial for business owners seeking to utilize the ICT program. Our team will assist you in gathering and organizing these documents efficiently, ensuring a smooth and error-free application process.

Navigating Towards Permanent Residency

While working in Canada temporarily may be the starting point of your journey, it's also a strategic move for business owners aiming to establish themselves in the Canadian market and ultimately secure permanent residency. Fortunately, Canada offers various pathways and programs that can lead you to your desired destination.

Success Stories and Testimonials

At Vazir Group, we take great pride in the success stories of our clients. These inspiring tales showcase the possibilities that lie ahead for individuals on a similar journey to yours. From successfully transitioning to permanent residency to thriving in their chosen fields, these success stories exemplify the expertise and dedication our team brings to every case.

Our clients' testimonials speak volumes about their experiences with Vazir Group. Their satisfaction with our personalized guidance, accurate documentation, and efficient processing reaffirms our commitment to providing unparalleled assistance throughout your immigration process.

Benefits of getting Canada Permanent Residency
  • Friendly and welcoming country
  • High quality of life
  • Free Healthcare
  • Right to live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Free schooling
  • A fast-growing economy with lots of jobs
  • Option to start a business
  • Sponsor your family
  • Become a Canadian citizen

Why Choose Vazir Group for Intra-Company Transfer

Choosing the right immigration consultancy can make all the difference in the world. At Vazir Group, we have helped countless individuals and corporations successfully navigate the intricacies of the intra-company transfer process.

Our team's expertise in this field enables us to handle every aspect of your application, removing the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies the immigration journey. From personalized guidance tailored to your unique circumstances to meticulously preparing your documentation, we strive to make your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Unlocking the path from a work permit to permanent residency in Canada is an exciting adventure filled with countless opportunities for your business. By following our ultimate guide, you are setting your business up for success in your intra-company transfer process.

At Vazir Group, we are here to support you every step of the way. Contact our team today to discover how we can guide you towards a successful immigration journey, ensuring a prosperous future in Canada.

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