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The worlds first e-commerce immigration platform

The world’s first e-commerce platform for immigration solutions

It has been announced at the beginning of this year that the Canadian government is planning to welcome around one million new immigrants between 2022 and 2024 through various and diverse immigration programs.

As all qualified candidates who aspire to move to Canada know very well that the immigration process isn't easy, it requires a lot of tests, paperwork, time, and energy. Each step of the process must be done in a careful manner for a successful application in order to avoid any sort of pitfalls and delays.

In certain cases when candidates apply for a visa on their own, they face a lot of challenges that can be avoided when working with a team of experts from an immigration consultancy.

What are the most common concerns faced by candidates that apply without any expert’s assistance?

  • Getting a job offer: without a job offer, the candidate has fewer chances of getting the visa approved or their application may take months or years for it to get approved.
  • Immigration pathway: a potential candidate may get confused about which pathway or immigration program works best for their profile and qualifications, and may end up applying for the wrong or less suitable program.
  • Other immigration challenges: the candidate may receive a notification from the Canadian immigration team stating that their medical or criminal records are inadmissible, application refusals, and much more.

How can Vazir Group help?

For the first time in the immigration industry, the whole immigration process can be done through our E-Commerce platform. Explore a transparent pathway toward the entire immigration process in easy steps through a personalized account and tracking facility.

Vazir Group is the only immigration consultancy that provides a membership program in which the subscribed client will receive various benefits such as a dedicated officer, E-meeting facilities, easy and quick online payment methods, worldwide services, hassle-free process, access to all process status, instant notifications at each step of the process, online document Synchronization, Turnaround time and much more.

Why subscribe to Vazir Group’s study visa membership?

Vazir Group has a team of experts who have helped many students get their study visas and get them into the top universities and institutes in Canada. There are fewer chances of getting a refusal when a candidate works with an expert from our team.

With Vazir Group’s study visa membership program, the candidate will have access to exclusive services provided to them for the first time in the immigration industry.

The candidate will have access to unique features worldwide. With the study visa membership program, the candidate will not only benefit from the features provided regarding the visa process but also the ones related to university admissions.

Subscribe to the Study visa membership program today to unlock a new world of opportunities.

What are the key features benefits and USPs of Vazir Group’s membership program?
  • Hassle-free process
  • Receive instant notifications at each step of the process (email, SMS...)
  • Easy access
  • Worldwide service
  • Get a dedicated officer
  • Receive news alerts
  • Access to process status
  • E-meeting facilities
  • Sync the documents online
  • Turn around time

About the membership program

Providing efficient worldwide immigration services for a better future.

Trustworthy, reliable, professional, and supportive are the terms that describe Vazir Group and its team. We are a Canadian immigration consultancy headquartered in Dubai with offices in India, Canada, and Portugal.

Vazir Group’s newest and most distinctive service is the membership program, in which the member will receive services that have never been provided before in the immigration industry.
Faster Process, Flexibility for Clients, Faster Response Times, and Transparent Payment Tracking are some of the many key features of our new E-Commerce Website.
We pledge and thrive to bring new & dynamic hi-tech solutions to our clients. Create your free login account and start your efficient and effective immigration process today.
Signing up for an account on our E-Commerce enabled Website is absolutely free plus the candidate gets to experience hassle-free services from start to finish of their immigration journey.
He/ She can also explore a transparent pathway toward the entire process of immigration in easy steps through a personalized account and tracking facility.

If you are interested in moving to Canada and living a better life but don't know where and how to start, simply subscribe to our membership program in the just steps and a competent and experienced expert will handle your case. You will have at your service an immigration consultant, immigration lawyers, and paralegals.

Vazir Group is here to provide the highest standard of client service. You can also check your eligibility by filling out the immigration assessment form and get a call from our expert immigration consultant within just twenty-four hours. You can also explore all the new and unique features on our website by searching for genuine job opportunities in Canada and other countries.

Simply visit our dedicated section for jobs abroad on our brand-new website and apply easily now. We provide our visitors with an easy way to learn more about Vazir Group services and bespoke solutions. For the first time in immigration, you can see the progress of your application in real-time by just signing into your account.

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