Tips For Migrating To The Europe

There are many reasons why you would want to move to Europe forever. These include amazing job opportunities, brilliant scenic beauty, stunning architecture, amazing climate, top-notch infrastructure, good healthcare, and an amazing education system as well. 

It is no wonder that more and more people, especially from India are trying to move to Europe. The number of people migrating from India to Europe has increased almost three times in the past few decades. Some major reasons for this include a stable economy, low population density, negligible poverty rate, and climate. 

While everyone wants to move to Europe, it should be understood that the process is not that easy. If you are wondering how you can shift to Europe, here is a detailed guide to get you started. This guide will surely help you to understand the details of Europe migration. 


Migrating to Europe from India


As mentioned earlier, more and more people are looking to get a golden visa for Europe because of a good job market, a thriving economy, and many different perks and benefits. More and more people desire citizenship for Europe due to the quality of life this continent offers to its citizens. Many countries in Europe also try hard to assimilate foreigners which enhances the desire to settle in Europe manifold. 


Necessary things to move to Europe from India

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning to move to Europe from India. These are some relevant documents that you need to submit to shift to Europe.


Proof of Language Knowledge: 

  • While not absolutely necessary in some cases, in most cases you need to know the language of the country that you are planning to shift to. You must however be able to speak and understand English in most cases as it is considered to be an international language and a lingua franca. There are many tests designed to prove the proficiency of people in various languages including English. 

Be it English or any other language, for your language proficiency, multiple tests can help you. 

Knowing multiple European languages can also open many business opportunities in Europe for you.


  • Passport: You should have a passport that is not older than ten years and should be at least valid for a period of four months. Without such a passport, you won’t be able to migrate to Europe.


  • Accommodation: If you are planning to move to Europe for a temporary period, you need to provide proof of accommodation to the relevant authorities. 


  • Employment: If you are planning to move to Europe for employment, you must have an experience of at least one year in the relevant field. You also need to submit proof of a contract of employment from the organisation that has hired or contacted you.


Types of Immigration in Europe - Citizenship for Europe

When you plan to migrate to Europe, you need to understand under which category you can migrate. Here are the different categories.


  • Highly Qualified Personnel: Indians who have a high experience, i.e. at least five years of experience in their relevant field can apply for this section. You can also apply if you are trying to seek higher education. 

  • Intra-corporate transferees (ICT):

Indians can migrate to Europe if they have a working contract with any European nation. The host country must have a branch of your company for this to work.


  • Researchers: People who have a research degree and are ready to research things about Europe or anything relevant are welcome to visit Europe. It is necessary to have proper financial resources or should be associated or affiliated with any particular institution. 

  • Seasonal workers: People who have temporary work contracts come under this section. You must show your employment status and accommodation situation for this to work. 

  • Students: A student who is admitted to a European university for a full-time curriculum, can move to Europe. You need to have valid documents such as financial aid, health insurance, and proof of payment.



  • Can I apply for Permanent Residency with the help of my EU card? 

An EU card is issued for four years however the duration may change according to your job. An EU card can help your chances of getting European citizenship and can also help your family to move to Europe.


  • Is it necessary to be proficient in the language of the nation that I plan on moving to?

Generally yes. You need to be proficient in the native language of the country and English. For instance, if you plan to move to Germany, it is recommended to learn German and English. 


  • Is Europe the best continent for Indians?

Yes and no. This is a highly subjective topic. A country or a continent is the best for you if it has all the things that you are looking for. If you are planning to move to a safe, promising, clean, and decent to good nation, then Europe should be the continent of your choice. But if you want to move out of India quickly, then Europe might not be the best place for you.


  • Can I start studying at European Universities in India and then move to the campus in Europe?

Yes, you can start a course online and then move to the nation once the university deems that you have fulfilled the requirements. 


  • Which country is the easiest to move to?

The United Kingdom is considered to be the easiest country in Europe to settle into. While it is easy to settle into, do remember that getting a permanent residency in the UK is much more difficult than in other European nations. You need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria and other similar conditions so that you can get citizenship in the UK.


  • Which country is the best in Europe to live as well as work in?

Out of all the European nations, Germany is considered to be the best to work and live in. It has a lot of opportunities, good infrastructures, amazing cities, and a comprehensive welfare system. 


  • Which European nation is the best for Indian students to move to?

Again Germany beats other European nations in this category. It has a good welfare system and is good for immigrants. The amount of job opportunities and the quality of lifestyle is good for Indian students.


  • Which country is best for getting a PR or permanent residence?

Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Malta are the nations that give permanent residency to non-EU citizens easily. However, the process for this can be quite lengthy.


How Can Vazir Group Help You?


Do you want to move to Europe for a better career and a chance at life? You love Europe and its work culture but are confused about going to the nation and the process involved? 

Then you are surely at the right place because well-trained and qualified experts at the Vazir Group will help you fulfil your dream to become an employee of Europe. The group has various options, customised specially according to the requirements of individuals, and can surely help you relocate to realistic locations. 

It is our firm belief that Vazir Group can surely help you find a new home, a new job and migrate. 


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