Top 10 Citizenship By Investment Programmes

There are many Citizenship by investment programs available now as the market is growing and becoming more and more competitive. All these programmes have different amounts of investment, conditions, and requirements. This means that you must understand the pros and cons of all the programs so that you can invest in a better and more informed manner. 

Citizenship by Investment programs are also known as Golden Visas and they can be quite a boon as they offer many benefits including lifestyle opportunities, attractive returns, financial as well as personal security, access to new markets, tax advantages, and visa-free travel. This makes citizenship by investment a beneficial project. 


Here is a brief look at investment program for abroad with a closer look at the top ten programs that have the best and most enticing advantages. 


Investor Visa Programs in Europe


There are many benefits of choosing an investment visa program in Europe as they offer amazing returns on property investment along with unique and attractive lifestyle opportunities. It is necessary to note that most of these EU programs are meant as residency programs and not citizenship, however, with time, these programmes can always turn into citizenship.


1 Portugal EU Residency 


Portugal has a popular residency programme of around 6-8 months and you must buy a real estate deal or property with a minimum value of €280,000


 2 Spain EU Residency 


Another quite popular residency programme in the European Union is a Spanish residency. You must make a minimum purchase or contribution of  €500,000. You will be able to secure a Spanish and thus European residency within 6 months.


 3 Malta EU Residency 


 This is considered to be one of the best investment visas all around the world. It is definitely one of the premium and high-rated investment visas in the Schengen Zone. You can get a Maltese and thus a European residency permit in just sixty days. For this, you must make a real estate purchase of at least  €300,000.


4 Malta Citizenship by Investment


Along with residency, you are also eligible for citizenship in Malta. The new  Maltese Citizenship Regulations allow people to apply for a residency permit which may turn into citizenship within 36 months. In exceptional cases, this duration can be as short as 12 months- dependent on your investment. 

The bare minimum qualifying investment is €700,000. People who contribute €600,000 initially,  get a residency of three years in which they can always apply for citizenship. People who are ready to shell out  €750,000 can apply for citizenship within one year of residency. 

Individuals must decide whether they would like to rent a property for  €18,000 annually or buy a property for a minimum of €700,000. Along with this, the individual must donate at least €10,000 to any compliant and registered charitable organisation.


Best Golden Visa Programs Worldwide


Having a passport for investment can surely change your life. Here is a list of various countries around the world that offer citizenship by investment programs that are not a part of the European Union. 


5 Turkey


Turkey offers a quick and fast processing time for citizenship that is less than two months if you are willing to make a real estate purchase of a minimum value of $400,000. Due to its swift results, Turkey’s programme for investment citizenship remains one of the most popular all over the world.


6 Vanuatu


Not only is Vanuatu one of the prettiest Pacific island nations, but it is also a great opportunity to get citizenship by investment. If you are willing to make an investment of a minimum of $130,000 you can apply for citizenship within a period of a couple of months. 


Caribbean Countries  


7 Antigua and Barbuda


One of the least expensive citizenship by investment programs in the world, Antigua and Barbuda allows you to apply for citizenship within 8-12 months if you are ready to make a minimum investment of $100,000.


8 St Lucia


 Like Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia too offers a minimum investment of $100,000. You can get citizenship within 8-12 months for this nation. 


 9 Dominica


Another nation that offers citizenship with a minimum donation of $100,000 is Dominica. The process of Dominica citizenship takes 8-12 months making it a speedy and easy process.


10 St Kitts and Nevis


St Kitts and Nevis allow you to get citizenship within 45-60 days if you are ready to make a donation of a minimum of $150,000. While this is a slightly more expensive deal than other Caribbean nations, its expedited procedure makes it an amazing opportunity. 


11 Grenada


Applicants can receive a Grenadian passport within 8-12 months if they make a minimum donation of $150,000.


Acquiring Citizenship (or Residency) by Investment 


Investment visas around the world have different options and facilities starting right from full citizenship, to permanent residency, to others. This makes them quite unique and each kind may have different benefits, inclusions, and requirements. 

When you want to choose citizenship by investment program, it is recommended to consult experts so that most of your problems can be solved with ease and you don’t run into unnecessary hassle. 

There are many things that you need to consider while applying for a citizenship by investment program. 

These factors include:

  • Length of the period in which the investments need to be maintained

  • Inclusion of children, spouses, and other family members in the visa

  • Various investment options on offer

  • Travel requirements

  • Physical residency

  • Dual citizenship

  • Dual residency

  • Which countries are available for travelling without visa

  • Opportunities for recouping the invested amount


How Can Vazir Group Help You?


As the world of investment visas can be quite daunting and confusing, it is best to talk to experts in the field who can help you compare the best citizenship by investment programmes available for you.
The experienced consultants at Vazir Group are trained specially, and have a lot of experience as well as knowledge in the field of citizenship as well as a residency by investment

A great way to understand the initial comparison between the programmes is by visiting us and talking to our specialised experts who will provide you with custom and tailored advice.

They can guide you throughout the whole process right from the beginning to the very end and can also provide you with other help such as tax and legal related. Vazir Group strives hard to help you get a permanent residency through a personalised support system, guiding you at every step in the best way possible. 

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