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Top 7 Countries To Obtain A Schengen Visa Easily

The Schengen Area consists of 27 European nations that have forgone their internal borders that allow for unrestricted and free movement for people. This has been done to fight criminality and to increase police cooperation as well as to make the common judicial system stronger. This area covers most EU countries excluding Ireland. It also involves other nations that are soon going to become a part of the Schengen Area including Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus. While certain nations such as Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland are not included in the European Union, these nations are also considered to be a part of the Schengen Zone. 


All nations generally have specific visa requirements and it is necessary for looking to move to these nations to check the entails. This is why applying for a visa can be quite a difficult, time-consuming, and even frustrating experience. It is thus recommended to think and plan ahead. 


The Schengen states tend to issue a lot of visas every year. The processing time generally changes according to the nation and the waiting period also changes accordingly.  Yet there exist a few nations in which it is easy to get a visa. Let’s see which is the easiest country for Schengen Visa. The following list represents the trends of the year 2021.


List of nations:

  • Lithuania - Easiest Country For Schengen Visa

One of the easiest countries to get a visa in Europe is Lithuania. According to 2021 reports, 98.7% of applicants who applied for a Visa received one, meaning only 2.8% of the applications were rejected. This means that getting a Lithuanian visa and work permit in Schengen is quite easy. 

  • Estonia:

The second nation that is the easiest among all the European nations to get a visa is Estonia. The visa approval rate for Estonia is 90.4% which is just slightly different from Lithuania. According to statistics concerning Schengen Visa Statistics, around 40,657 people applied for an Estonian Visa in 2021 out of which around 38,389 were granted the visa. Estonia received the most number of visa applications from Russia. Around 23,268 people applied for an Estonian visa from Russia and 22,856 of these applications were granted. 

The overall process of getting a visa from Estonia takes around 15 days only, however, in extreme situations it may take longer. 

  • Finland

Another nation to get a visa for in Europe is Finland. It is in fact one of the easiest if not the easiest Nordic nations for which you can get a Visa. While Finland receives a large number of applications every year, it generally accepts and approves a lot of them. According to the 2021 numbers, Finland received around 61,018 visa applications and out of these around 55,882 were accepted. This makes the visa acceptance rate of Finland around 98.3%. 

A total of 103 states in the world that are excluded from the visa-free Schengen area scheme can apply for a Schengen visa to Finland. Other nations such as third-party nationals from Palestine and Kosovo too are supposed to apply for a Schengen visa. 

  • Iceland

If you want to apply for a visa to a nation that won’t test your patience, then Iceland should be on your priority list. In the year 2021, around 2,735 applications were received for Iceland visas, and out of these 2,410 were successfully accepted. This is a particularly popular destination for Indians as the most number of applications for the year 2021 was received from the New Delhi consulate. 

The type of Schengen visa you are supposed to apply for and will get depends on the reason why you want to visit this nation of islands. 

The type of Schengen visa you are supposed to apply for depends on the reason for your visit.

  • Luxembourg

Another nation in Europe that is quite lenient about its visa is Luxembourg. It is quite easy to get a visa to Luxembourg as the nation has a very low rate of rejection for visas. This rate is as low as 1.3%. According to the 2021 data, the total number of applications for a visa in 2021 that Luxembourg received was 2,384. Out of these, 2,296 applicants were successful and were issued a visa. Two factors that make Luxembourg quite ideal for you are-

  1. The rejection rate is pretty low.

  2. The number of applicants is low as well. 

You can visit Luxembourg and then travel to all the neighbouring countries including France, Germany, and Belgium. Rest assured, your visa has a very low chance of getting rejected. 

  • Slovakia

Slovakia receives one of the lowest numbers of visa applications each year, however, it is also one of the easiest nations in Europe for which you can get a visa. According to the numbers for the year 2021, 3,886 people applied for a Slovakian visa out of which 3,806 received one. While not a particularly popular destination, Slovakia can surely bring a breath of fresh air into your life. 

  • Latvia

One of the three Baltic states, Latvia receives a lot of visa applications every year. Another factor that makes Latvia a golden destination for Schengen visa seekers is that it has a very low rate of rejection. Latvia is a great place to get jobs in the Schengen region. According to the 2021 numbers, around 97.9% of the applications that Latvia received for a visa were approved. The nation received 16,182 applications out of which 13,764 were accepted. 


Latvian Schengen Visa does not require a lot of different documents, however you must attach them in proper order and according to the instructions. 



  • Czech Republic

Another nation that definitely should be on your list for getting a European visa is the Czech Republic. It too has a low rejection rate which is around 3.3% only. The nation received 207,470 applications for visas in the year 2021 and out of these 200,456 were accepted. The overall visa process is finished within 15 days however may require more time in special cases.


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