Top Reasons To Become A European Citizen

European or EU passports are considered to be some of the most powerful passports around the world. People who have an EU passport get a lot of perks including entering almost 153 nations without a Visa. This is why more and more people are looking to move to EU nations.

Along with a strong passport, EU citizenship offers many other advantages including unlimited working rights in the EU, mobility, and in most cases, a holder of an EU passport can also transfer their EU citizenship to their grandchildren and children. 

Here are some of the major benefits of why you should definitely consider EU citizenship. Just to remind readers, India does not offer dual citizenship, meaning if you want EU citizenship, you will have to forgo your Indian passport. 


Advantages of EU Citizenship

  • Bye-Bye Visas

Most citizens belonging to nations such as Canada, Australia, the US, New Zealand, etc. can enter the EU nations without any passport. However, they cannot study, work, or live in these nations for more than 90 days in a span of six months. If you do get EU citizenship, you can travel to almost 28 member nations without any visas and can even stay there without any restrictions. This allows for a more seamless and comfortable stay in many nations and is excellent for people who are frequent travellers. 

  • Residential and Working Rights

Citizens belonging to Switzerland, European Economic Area, and the European Union are legally allowed to look for work, stay, and work with all members of the European Union. It is quite an expensive deal to get an employer-sponsored visa if you are not an EU citizen. European employers generally tend to look for people who are culturally aware, mobile, bilingual, and experienced. This is why they tend to prefer employees who are citizens of the European Union. 

  • Subsidised Education and Many Scholarships

There are many reasons why you should try to get into the European Union educational system. This includes career development, a lot of international networking, reputable universities, high quality of life, diverse cities, and 28 nations with free or at least extremely affordable tuition fees. Most subsidised degrees include IT, journalism, social sciences, law, administration, and business. This is especially good for people who are looking to get higher education.

  • Grow Your Start-up

An EU citizen can launch a new brand or register a company in any EU country and other nations such as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, etc. In most of these nations, you can set up a company within 3 working days, and that too under EUR 100. This can be done through a single administrative body and that too online. You can also get help from many initiatives and EU funds such as European, European Investment Advisory Hub, Start-up Europe Club, or the Start-up Europe Partnership platform.

If you want to increase the visibility of your business and get more funding for it, you can also register your business on the European Investment Project Portal. 

Businesses tend to be great successes in the EU granted if you know what you are doing and how you are supposed to do it. 

  • Consular Protection

EU citizens who are in a non-EU country can get help from consular or diplomatic authorities of other EU countries if their nation is not represented in the non-EU nation. This right is delegated through article 46 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. All 28 nations are represented in only three nations, Russia, the United States of America, and China. In other nations, other consulates generally handle the business of all the nations. In the case of emergencies, EU member states need to help EU citizens evacuate and go back to their own nations as if they are their own citizens. Consular protection also includes other issues such as illness, serious accidents, and stolen passports.

  • Health Care Benefits

According to the European Union laws, EU citizens can get healthcare facilities in all the member nations if they are travelling for some temporary business such as holidays, studying abroad, etc. They can also get healthcare benefits if they decide to stay in another member country permanently. Most European Union nations offer high quality healthcare. 

  • Public Service Positions and Right to Vote

All citizens of the European Union can not only vote in elections all over but can also stand as candidates in elections in the European Parliament in the EU country. They can also file their candidature for municipal elections in the country that they stay in. Citizens are free to apply for any job vacancy in any member nation including the public sector and are not required to fulfil any additional requirements. Do note that there are a few posts under the public service department that are restricted to nationals of the specific nation only. Getting EU citizenship will surely open many job opportunities in Europe

  • Privacy

Recently, the European Union has come up with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR which constitutes collection of data, storage of data, and usage of data and allows citizens to move their data from one service provider to another with ease. The EU has a layered privacy and protection service that allows for a safe and private life. 

  • Service

An EU passport allows for a seamless experience at the airports and you won’t be made to stand in a long queue like non-EU citizens. This is why it is highly recommended to get citizenship for Europe.

  • Owning Property

Another advantage of having EU citizenship is that you can own property in any EU nation without any permit. While many EU nations are still recovering from property crises at a gradual pace, nonetheless, the pace is quite steady. 


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