Get a Truck Driving Job in Canada: A Complete Guide

Are you thinking of starting your career as a truck driver in Canada? Imagine yourself driving a reliable income while exploring the vast Canadian highways and sceneries. The independence of the open road and the possibility of making a lot of money are only two of the many advantages. If you think that this is the job for you, we have put together some information in this blog that will help you achieve your goal smoothly.

Similar to other regions globally, Canada mostly depends on road transportation for the transportation of necessities throughout its towns and cities. Due to this reason, truck driving has a significant and steady place in Canada’s transportation sector, which operates all around the year without considering ‘weather’ as a barrier.

Nevertheless, truck driving in Canada is a dynamic field that always presents new difficulties. The aging population and surge of early retirements in the Canadian workforce create a wealth of job prospects for truck drivers. Truck driving has become a lucrative profession in Canada and one of the most wanted jobs due to the growing significance of global supply chains and logistics. In Canada, there are several methods to become a truck driver. The following Vazir Group program will help you navigate the process:

Vazir Group’s Truckers (Training + Recruitment) Program:

Canada, in recent years, has become the eventual sought-after destination for immigrants. Its wide range of career opportunities and scenic lifestyle act as a magnet for professionals in every industry.

One of the prominent and in-demand job roles is truck driver. Truck drivers in Canada get an opportunity to enjoy a stable career and an improved standard of living.

If you think that this is the job for you, we have put together some information in this blog that will help you achieve your goal smoothly.

If you’re from the Indian sub-continent and are looking to start a career as a truck driver, then the Vazir Group trucker program is the right fit for you.

It is a carefully curated program that focuses on equipping professional drivers, carrying a valid driving permit, with an international driving license and a potential commercial truck and trailer driver job opportunity in places like Canada or Europe.

This initiative consists of extensive training and job assistance and is designed to help drivers secure a promising career and an opportunity to enhance their existing lifestyle. Our ideology revolves around helping you shape a better future.

Program Details:

We, Vazir Group, have partnered with industry-leading institutions to assist our trucker program participants in securing an international license. These training centers provide you with theory, practical driving training, and a chance to sit for your final test, after which you can start your journey as a trucker driver in Canada or Europe.

These programs are highly skilled and will help you in attaining the necessary knowledge to be a professional truck driver. Additionally, Vazir Group will take care of your transport and accommodation needs to ensure that you have peace of mind.

Lastly, the program comes with the provision of a valid 2-year work visa for the UAE, which is offered as an add-on to the shortlisted applicants.

How does the training work?
  • The first step is to acquire the residence. Once done, the training institute shall open your file to obtain a driver’s license.
  • You will start with the theory classes, which have a duration of 3 days.
  • The next step is the practical classes, which can last between 3-7 days. The class duration depends on your driving abilities.
  • Lastly, you need to take the road test to obtain the license.

Note: In case of failure of the final test, you get an additional opportunity to sit for the exam without having to incur an additional cost.

Altogether, the licensing might take up to 2 months. Once completed, you shall earn an international driving license from Dubai, which will ultimately allow you to drive commercially on the highways of Canada and Europe.

Why Should You Choose This Program?

The program provides you with an opportunity to start a truck driving career in places such as Canada or Europe

The program emphasizes improving your lifestyle and increasing your income. Additionally, you also get an opportunity to continue your career in Dubai on Vazir Group’s payroll.

The program offers extended job Assistance in the UAE.

The program offers enables you to earn an International Driving License, valid for left-hand driven vehicles.

The starting salary varies depending on the location. Below given are the salaries for Canada, Europe, and the GCC;

  • EUR: €2,500 - €3,000 per month
  • CAN: CAD 25 – CAD 30 per hour
  • UAE / GULF: AED 3,500 – AED 4,000 per month

However, market conditions might change, so it's important to keep yourself updated with the conditions and if you are living in the Middle East, then reaching out to the best immigration consultants in Dubai should be your first step towards your trucking journey!


If you’re from the Indian sub-continent and are looking to apply for a truck driving job in Canada, GCC, or Europe, then the Vazir Group trucker program is the right fit for you. Vazir Group is one of the leading consultancy and immigration firms in the UAE. With its core emphasis on the applicant's aspirations, Vazir Group offers a smooth visa and PR process to its customers. If you’re looking for more information on where to start, call now!

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