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UAE Residents Rate Canada As Most Desirable Destination

Canada comes out on top in relocation survey by leading Dubai-based boutique, Vazir Group

Dubai, UAE – 30 June, 2019: With Canada Day celebrated on 1stJuly, Vazir Group, a leading home-grown UAE boutique advisory firm, has revealed that UAE residents polled in a recently commissioned YouGov survey rated Canada as the number one relocation destination. 

The survey investigated which countries people might consider living in, if they ever moved away from the UAE. Overwhelmingly, Canada came out on top, with 58% of respondents saying they would consider a move to the country. The answers were provided by a range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Countries within the European Union (36%) and USA (35%) were also considered as desirable destinations.

Vazir Groups Managing Partner, Vrinda Gupta says: “Canada usually tops the rankings of global reports when it comes to the quality of life. It is an attractive destination for economic migrants, as the 10thlargest economy in the world and with many other benefits such as free education and free healthcare. People with permanent residency are not required to live in Canada the whole time, so can split their time around the globe. In fact, the number of days that an individual has to be residing in Canada is only two years out of every five years to remain a permanent resident and if they live there for three years, they can apply for Canadian citizenship.”

According to Vazir Group, Canada is currently around halfway through its three year drive to attract a million new immigrants, as part of its Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan. Recent statistics released by Statistics Canada suggest that 500,000 jobs went unfilled in the first quarter of 2019, as the country has a growing number of Canadian citizens reaching retirement age. The government’s plan to attract further immigration is aimed at helping to boost businesses and the economy.

To assist this drive to attract economic migrants, Vazir Group offers two unique permanent residency programs. The first of these programs is tailored for investors who purchase a profitable business in the Eastern Provinces of Canada and typically gain permanent residency for themselves and their entire family within 6-9 months. The investment must range between CAD 150K to 1million (approximately AED 420K to 2.8million) dependent on the investor’s preference and budget. The second program is designed for business start-ups, with entrepreneurs submitting a business plan that outlines the idea and likely receipt of an expected permanent residency in around 9-12 months. Vazir Group can assist investors in polishing their business plan, with the investment ranging between CAD 200k to 250k (AED 560k to 700k) which includes a rental space for running the business for a year.

The usual elements taken into account in assessing the quality of life of a country are the strength of the labour market, the stability of the economy, the political stability, equality of income, security, the education and health system. Vazir Group’s research in the UAE showed that the main driving factors for securing a second passport from a particular country were education, standard of living and visa-free travel.

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