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Have you ever wanted to get something now but was not sure if you are able to pay for it? Or in another scenario, you can pay but you are scared to be scammed and purchase something that is not legit? In Vazir Group we know your fears, that is why came up with 3 flexible payment plans that allow you to go for the program that you are interested in and pay for it when the deal is closed. Sounds interesting, right?

These payment methods include:

  • Escrow Account Payments
  • Payment in installments
  • Refundable payments

Today we will explain every method, so you can find the one that suits you best.

Escrow Account Payments

Searching for the right immigration consultancy can be difficult, and spotting which one is a scam is even more difficult! To guarantee your trust, Vazir Group will only get paid after the fulfillment of your desired services. Yes, you heard that right. Escrow account payments are one of the most secure mode of payments out there, and they ensure customer satisfaction to the fullest. If you have never heard of Escrow payments, we will explain to you what they actually are.

First, let us take a quick dip into the English dictionary. The word “Escrow”, according to Merriam Webster, is a noun, meaning (a deed, a bond, money, or a piece of property held in trust by a third party to be turned over to the grantee only upon fulfillment of a condition). In simpler words, 1. you pay for the service, 2. an escrow account holds the funds, 3. we receive the funds AFTER our job with you is complete. Super convenient, right? In case of incomplete services or you don’t receive your PR or work permit, stage 3 changes to: the escrow account returns the funds to you. In any case, your money is safe and sound with the escrow account.

“Why to use Escrow?” you might ask. Well,

  1. It gives full financial security to both parties.
  2. You receive full protection at a low cost.
  3. It’s a win-win option for you, as you don’t have to pay and fight for your money back in case you don’t receive what was promised.
  4. It is an effective international payment system that is gaining popularity rapidly.

Being the first ever immigration consultancy to integrate escrow account payments into our payment methods, we have noticed a huge wave of clients coming to us to try out our services, and the rate of successful immigration is always very high with us. Even though our agents are ICCRC-registered, this is our way of promising that we are not just another immigration agency. Vazir Group has over 15 years of experience and offers immigration services not just to one or two countries, but TEN countries in total, including Canada, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kits and Nevis, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. Stay on the lookout for us, we are always expanding our services to more countries.

If you are interested to know more about Escrow payment, how does it work and the full requirements, get in touch with us today by clicking here.

Payment in installments

In the same way you can pay in instalments when you buy products or household items, the same way it works with us.
This method is the best if you are looking to obtain SUV (Startup Visa), Investment Visa, or Work Permit as the installments are divided into 3 phases: 

  • The 1st installment, which is refundable, is paid at the beginning of the process and is only 20% of the total fees.
  • The 2nd installment that is 40% of total fees, is done 5 to 6 months after the beginning of the process.
  • The 3rd installment that is final of the remaining 40%, is done after the work is complete and you get your visa or permit.  

However, you should keep in mind that if you apply for Express Entry Program and Study Visa the payment in installment is not applicable and only 100% pre-payment is accepted.

Refundable Payment Schemes

Many of our clients when they come to us either have already had a negative experience with immigration companies or heard from others how they were scammed. In Vazir Group we know your pain and with more than 15 years of experience we want you to feel safe and gain your trust. That is why, we have a convenient refundable payment option that is applicable for SUV Program, Investment Program and Work permits. If after paying the first 20% of your fees by any reason, such as change of mind, or you want to invest to another visa, or simply don’t want to proceed further, you can get a full refund except for the government related fees and out of pocket expenses. Sounds convenient, right?

In Vazir Group we believe that to be successful we should be transparent and honest with our clients. If you still hesitate whether to invest, not sure what program is the best for you, or would like a detailed consultation about moving to a new country, making an investment abroad or setting up a business, feel free to contact us. With the offices in Dubai, British Columbia, New Delhi and Chandigarh, our experts will help you with any doubts you might have and make the whole process smooth and stress-free.

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