What is Spouse Sponsorship

We know how important it is for families to be together, that is why the Canadian spouse very is very important for certain applicants who have a significant other living far away from them. The Canadian spouse visa is one of the most important visa services that can only be applied by a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident making this sponsorship a top priority.

This blog will be very helpful for those who are engaged, looking to get married or are already married.

What are the requirements for an individual to be eligible for a spouse visa?

This is one of the easiest visa services to process, but the below criteria should be met by the spouse:

  • The Canadian resident must be 18 or above to sponsor their spouse in Canada
  • The Canadian resident must have enough funds to sponsor and support their spouse
  • The Canadian resident must not be receiving any financial support from the Canadian government
  • The Canadian resident should have a clean criminal record (not convicted of any violence, sexual offense, and convict)
  • The Canadian resident should be in prison

One of the most important elements in this process is to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of the marriage, because many people in the past have fake marriages just to exploit the system and get to Canada easily.

In some case the immigration officer may as for various proof such as: pictures of the wedding, the honeymoon, private messages, recorded phone calls and affidavits supporting the relationship.

A part form providing proof of relation between husband and wife, they must also provide proof of legitimate connection of common-law partnership, if they are unable to provide the documents and pictures mentioned above.

  • Joint accounts in a bank
  • Co-ownership of properties
  • Records of the couple living together before one of them moved to Canada, also proof of sharing house expenses.

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How to apply for the spouse visa?

The process of this visa can be very complex depending on the marriage situation of the couple.

The application can either be applied form within the country while or outside the country.

How can the application be submitted from outside the country?

when our consultant specialized in visa services helps you gather, organize, and review and submit all the required documents for the spouse visa, both the Canadian resident and the spouse must receive an approval from the CIC and then the approval of the visa will come within the first four months. Along with the client ID number, the spouse will also receive an approval from the immigration authorities.

This whole visa service can take up to six months.

In case the visa is applied from within the country, the initial process would be the same the only difference remains when once the approval comes in the applicant/ spouse must leave the country and enter again.

In some cases, the visa can get refused due to the reasons mentioned below:

  • Unable to provide common proof of marriage
  • Unable to provide proof if the marriage is done traditionally.
  • If the marriage is conducted over the internet is not accepted and not considered by any of the immigration officers who are assessing the candidate’s souse visa application.

If the spouse visa is refused can the candidate re-apply for it?

It is possible for the applicant to re-apply for the spouse visa, visa our visa services department, where our experienced consultants will review the rejected application and in order to make the required changes for the re-submission of the new application.

Is it possible to sponsor a common- law partner if they both don’t live together?

There are various why partners aren’t living together, which is out of their control such as family emergencies, work or career emergencies, education related reasons and many more.

In this case it is required for the couple to prove that they have lived or stayed together as a marriage like relationship for 12 months straight and most importantly they most show that they intend or plan to live together in Canada after the other gets the spouse visa.

Also, while you were living apart from each other, there was still couple-like communication between the two.

Is it possible for the spouse to get a Canadian PR after receiving the spouse visa and moving to Canada?

Is it possible for the spouse to get a PR immediately after receiving an approval of the spouse visa, but they can’t get a Canadian citizenship even after getting married to someone with a Canadian citizen; for that they must apply once they get the PR.

To change the status from PR to Canadian citizenship the individual must satisfy the below requirements:

  • Clear from any investigation that may cause the PR getting revoked
  • Show proof that you have lived in Canada for a least three years within the last four years
  • Capable of speaking in English or French
  • Have a good knowledge about Canada’s diverse culture, government, and history

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