Why are Canadian employers hiring more foreign workers

Canada is one of the popular countries when it comes to foreign immigration and one of the prominent reasons for migrating people is to seek jobs in Canada. So, they need more young migration population to strengthen their country in terms of economy and sustain the country’s existence.

According to Statistics Canada, India is on the top when it comes to the most number of immigrants in Canada acquiring 18.6% followed by the Philippines(11.4%) and China(8.9%) in the span of years from 2016 to 2021.

The recent census of 2021 revealed that Canada has reached the highest number of retirement workers. Apart from this, the study shows that a huge percentage of the working population comes under 55-64 age. According to Statistics Canada close to two thirds of recent immigrants of Canada are core working age(2016-2021).

Hiring foreign workers can increase the chances of getting more skilled workers on the job. They get to select from an abundant number of talents that come from all walks of life and ensure world-class performance.

Immigrants across the globe bring a whole different approach to shape the growth of a company's vision. Keeping this in mind, Canadian companies hire more immigrants to ace the floor with a new perspective.

Immigrants mostly from India and China, have greater productivity ability compared to native workforce. Thus, there’s a huge possibility for Canadian jobs for Indians and Chinese. This is one of the reasons Canadian firms want more immigrant workforce from these countries.

When companies hire immigrants they are also creating a customer base overseas which creates mass effect in order to enhance the sales that ultimately delivers best turnover and results for continuous growth and evolving of the company.

Immigrants also ensure that the country does not face a lack of employment rate issues and keep the space filled with talented professionals.

When there’s a massive amount of growth of a company that can also be seen as an indirect effect on the overall economy of the country. So, immigrants have been an important part of Canada since 1913 which was the peak year of immigrants in Canada.

To support and encourage more immigrant workforce, Canadian companies enroll in different Skilled Worker Programs initiated by the government of Canada such as Federal Skilled Worker Program aka Express Entry, Labour Market Impact Assessment Application (LMIA).

These worker programs are the gateway to enter the labor market of Canada through Work Permit.

Also, having people from different ethnicities opens the door of more creativity and productivity with different ideas and vision. When people share different cultures, that also promotes global harmony and growth of the human race.

How to get a job in canada

First you need to understand that you need to keep your cores ready. It means you need to be clear in these four areas such as:

Upgrade your Resume
First, you need to upgrade your resume. It plays a crucial role in the screening process. It allows the officer to know more about you as a person. Keep it ready with the help of professionals who know how to perfectly put together all the necessary information. It has also been noted that many students, professionals create the resume on their own and that is where they lose the chance to get the job in Canada. That is why it becomes more important to handover all the information to the professional.

Select companies
Next step is to give a thorough attention to research for the best and trusted companies in Canada who are providing real jobs that you are looking for. This can be a bit of a difficult task for you but it is important to churn out the best companies in order to not to stumble on any fraud company. If you feel like you cannot do it on your own, you can take the help of friends and family. Also, it is great to take the help of professionals whose whole and sole passion is to provide the best companies in Canada for you.

Take follow ups
Once you have selected the authentic companies of your choice, now is the time to start a connection with them. How will you do it? You have to take the follow ups regularly. It is important because you don’t want to lapse on anything.

Accredited qualifications
Now this is the time you need to pay attention to your academic and professional documents. It is important that you provide original information in the form of the accredited documents proven by the authority you have been associated with.

How to apply for LMIA

An LMIA is basically applied by an employer who wants to recruit international employees due to some reasons. Here’s how he can proceed further with the documentation for LMIA Canada Process:

There are two ways an employer can apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA:

Apply through LMIA online portal
In order to access the online application, one must have a Job Bank account to align with the authentication process. Once the job bank account has been created, you can now go to LMIA online portal on the official IRCC site to proceed further.

Apply offline
It is important to ensure that an employer need to complete all the documents to ensure you get the LMIA in one go:

  • LMIA Application form (EMP5593)
  • Schedule D – Skilled trades job offer – Employer #2 (EMP5595) (if applicable)
  • proof of business legitimacy
  • proof of advertisement

What all you need to take care to ensure that employer has completed the application:

  • Employer has used the latest version of application
  • Employer has filled out every section of the application
  • Employer has attached all the necessary documents
  • Employer has signed the form wherever required
  • Submitted the fee with the application

Employers need to send all the documents to the Service Canada Centre to process the skilled workers Application.

How will vazir help you in getting a job faster and relocating to canada

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