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Quebec job vacancies

At the beginning of 2022, Quebec faced a low employment rate and a very high job opportunity rate. The labor market is aging on a continuous basis which is affecting the labor supply.

Canadian employers are finding it difficult to hire efficiently skilled workers in the hospitality, food service, and healthcare industries.

Over the last two years, it is stated that the job vacancies in Quebec have increased by 30%.

Additionally, the government of Quebec implemented new pathway criteria making it difficult for Canadian employers to hire full-time foreign workers, hence they have to fix the issue by hiring seasonal foreign workers as a temporary solution.

How are Canadian employers retaining foreign workers in Quebec?

Due to the scarcity of foreign employees in certain positions, Canadian employers tend to increase the pay of these workers in order to keep them in the organization.

What are the benefits of working in Quebec as a temporary foreign worker??
  • The work starts immediately after the foreign worker arrives in Quebec
  • The work environment will be welcoming for all new workers
  • The government will give the foreign temporary worker the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Canada, so he/she can easily live and work in any of the Canadian provinces

What are the measures taken by the government to address the labor shortage issue?
  • Substantially increase immigration of foreign workers in the province by making the immigration pathway easier than before
  • The new immigration plan includes the arrival of fifty-two thousand, five hundred new immigrants as permanent residents this year.

Why work in Quebec as a foreign worker?
  • Low unemployment rate
  • Safe and inclusive work environment
  • Easy immigration pathway via the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and Quebec Experience Class Program

What are the most in-demand job roles in Quebec?
  • Hospitality: cooks, bakers, food supervisors, cleaners...
  • Healthcare: registered nurses, Pharmacists, Psychiatrists, Surgeons...
  • Construction: carpenters, painters, welders, construction trades helpers, laborers

What are the different pathways to immigrating to Quebec?
  • Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
    Quebec Skilled Worker Program, also known as the QSWP is one of the most popular immigration pathways to Quebec for all skilled foreign workers who wish to work and reside in Canada for the long term and eventually receive Canadian permanent residency.
    The important factors considered here are professional skills, language proficiency, age, and family status.
  • Quebec Experience Program - Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ)
    The Quebec Experience Program is a new pathway to immigrate and reside in Quebec as an international student, particularly for students who have obtained a diploma from a post-secondary institution in Quebec and has eligible work experience in the province.
    The candidate may also be eligible if he/she knows how to speak French or has an advanced intermediate level of the French language.
    This program is willy popular among foreigners who are already in Canada and intend to stay there in order to obtain Canadian PR.
  • Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs
    The Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Program has been implemented by the Canadian government with the objective of meeting the high demand for a skilled workforce in the province. The highly required jobs are in the IT industry and food processing industry.
    Every year only five hundred and fifty applicants will be selected for this program.
  • Quebec Business Immigration Programs
    Lastly, we have the Quebec Business Immigration Program, this is for all the businessmen who are interested in starting a business in Canada, they can opt for the entrepreneurship program.
    The Quebec investment program, known as the QIIP, Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, is a passive investor program, in which the owner is not required to manage a business in Quebec.

What are the requirements needed to relocate to Quebec?

Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP):
The minimum score is 50 points to be eligible to apply for this program (points from education level, work experience, age, language proficiency, connections in Quebec, characteristics of spouse, and validated job offer)

Quebec Experience Program - Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ):
The applicant must be below the age of 40, have a bachelor’s degree, have a minimum work experience of two years, and must competent in English or French.

Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs:
The applicant must be 18 or above, have the intention of working and settling in Quebec, and demonstrate financial self-sufficiency for at least the first three months following arrival in Quebec.

Quebec Business Immigration Programs:
For a foreign business owner, no matter the nationality, as long as he/she has a net asset of two million CAD and has the capacity of investing around 1,200,000 CAD in Quebec.


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