Why Investors Prefer European Countries For Investment

Most countries in the world offer a fast-tracked residency and, ultimately, citizenship in exchange for investment.  What makes the European countries particularly attractive in the investment migration market is the mobility that European residence and citizenship offer.

European continent is made of a variety of cultures and traditions. The continent has many countries which are unique in their own way and offer a wide variety of options to investors.  Because of rules and agreements between European countries, residence in any one of the European countries with investment immigration programs - gives a door to a visa-free travel throughout most or all of Europe. 


The most common outcome of investment in a European country with an investment immigration program is residency. 

This can first come in the form of temporary residency that leads to permanent residency, or can start off with permanent residency immediately. 

Programs that offer temporary residency typically require investors to prove the maintenance of their investment at certain time intervals to renew their residency, and allow investors to transition to permanent residency after a certain period of time and with the fulfilment of certain conditions. 

Some of the European countries that offer residence in exchange for investment:


The Greek Permanent Residency Program offers a pathway to secure permanent residency in Europe via an affordable real estate investment in Greece. Of all European residency programs, Greece offers the most cost-effective investment. 

As a Greek resident, you’re allowed to live in Greece permanently and travel visa-free across the Schengen Zone. The application process is straightforward. After 7 years of continuous residency, the applicant may apply for citizenship, providing that all of other conditions are met. 


Portugal Golden Visa Program.The investment may be of EU 350,000 in Real Estate property (if it was built more than 30 years ago or is located in areas deemed as urban regeneration areas by the local municipality). Program requires a minimum 7 days of residence for each year. Individuals who maintain their permanent residence permit for 5 years may apply for Portugal citizenship. Portugal allows visa-free travel to 185 countries including the Schengen countries. 


Citizenship by investment programs are typically more costly than residence programs and may require non-refundable contributions to the country. In exchange for higher investment amounts, investors can quickly benefit from the security of citizenship—and since all the countries currently offering citizenship are EU members—the right to live and work anywhere in the European Union.  


Malta has one of the top-ranking citizenship-by investment program in the world. 

Great year-round weather, a lower cost of living, beautiful landscapes, a large expat community from the UK and EU countries. This citizenship is limited to 1800 applicants but can be extended further. 


  • The outcome of your investment (residency or citizenship), the type of investment required, processing times, any long-term commitments demanded by the program and any restrictions on dual nationality. 
  • Many European countries do not require investors to establish physical residency in the country, while still conferring to them the rights and benefits of legal residency.
  • Many countries do not have language requirements, but some will require you language skills through levels of residency or citizenship. 
  • Consider whether the country is a member of the European Union or Schengen Zone, as these memberships offer favourable travel and establishment rights.  

The process is not heavy, although it requires the investor to provide the right documentation. Hence, it is best to work with the right international immigration experts to invest there, so as to ensure the investments bring in the desired returns.

Each country has its own process, so the requirements and processing time will vary slightly depending on the program you choose. And while the scope and extent of new immigration restrictions resulting from COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented, Vazir Group has an efficient preparation and submission process towards the receipt of your chosen investment. 

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