Can Visitors Work In Canada? Employment Options For Temporary Residents

Canada is famous for its wide job market and amazing career opportunities which, as a result, attracts visitors from around the world to come and work there and thrive both financially and professionally. It is routinely held questioned whether the visitors can work there during their stay there. The rules regarding work in Canada are rigorous; the country offers employment options for the eligible ones. Considering the ICT program, Vazir Group provides a comprehensive guide where the readers will explore the multiple gateways that eligible candidates can utilize to secure employment in Canada.


Intra Company Transfer (ICT) work permit in Canada is specifically designed to expedite the transfer of highly skilled individuals across multinational companies in Canada. This work permit allows any operating organization there to bring their key employees from the different overseas branches to work in Canada for a prescribed period. The maximum period for which foreign employees are called for through ICT work permits spans a maximum of three years. The ICT program encourages work permit applications for potential employees, making it feasible to bring the talent in their company from across different borders.


Vazir Group ICT program encourages professionals across different fields to apply for Canadian PR visa by undertaking the process. The individuals, who have an already established company in Canada and intend to migrate other recruited professionals from the intra-country or overseas branch of the same company, can apply through this program. Moreover, entrepreneurs having startup businesses or are co-founders, looking forward to starting their company in Canada are highly eligible to obtain ICT work permits in Canada.


The ICT work permit application process undertakes multiple steps. The work permit is essentially designed for the organization or companies to deploy talent from across different countries by inviting key personnel from an overseas branch to come and work in Canada temporarily. The prime focus lies on the employer which must be a qualifying organization or company having a branch or subsidiary mainly operating in Canada. Along with that, a founder/co-founder of a startup looking forward to establishing a company in Canada can avail of this opportunity. As for the employee, one must have a track record of working in a senior managerial or executive position in any multinational company outside Canada. Then comes the document preparation; the employer must provide the employee with a comprehensive job letter that highlights the terms, conditions, position title, salary, duration, and duty details. An agreement must be signed between the Canadian and foreign bodies, highlighting the responsibilities, duration, and role of the employee. Along with that, the employee’s credentials and qualifications are a must to be added. Lastly, the employer must submit the work permit application to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through any portal, on the behalf of employee.


If you are aiming to expand your business on a larger scale or ensure professional growth, Vazir Group ICT program serves as a prolific opportunity to experience business growth and advance your career. Undertaking the intra-company transfer, individuals can encounter multiple useful ways to increase their international exposure and drive the organization or business to success. The companies operating in Canada and planning to migrate employees from the different branches of their respective companies can avail this fascinating opportunity by undertaking the ICT process. The passionate individuals who migrate through this program encounter the diversification of exposure and leverage their skills and expertise in Canada’s thriving job market. Precisely, as a result, the company gets the enthusiastic working professionals transferred to their office in Canada and gear their business or organization towards flourishing and growth. On the other hand, the employee gets his benefits which come along with this Intra-Company Transfer which is topped by permanent residency in Canada.


The ICT Program offered by Vazir Group is more like a catalyst that helps your business to experience growth, success, and expansion. The professionals who are seeking ways to thrive and polish their skills in a thriving job market, a company that requires expansion and development, or even a startup with new aspirations, the ICT program is a go-to avenue for hitting a pivotal spot in Canada’s professional sector. From obtaining a work permit to permanent residency, this program is highly fruitful, providing various benefits and advantages to passionate organizations and passionate working individuals. Connect to our experienced consultants to receive step-by-step guidance throughout the application and documentation process.

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