Understanding Students’ Requirements

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to higher education in foreign universities. It can be overwhelming and bewildering for an applicant when selecting a new country, university, or course. As well as facing a vast number of options, they need to ensure that their choosing compliments their talent, ambitions, and lifestyle. 

At Vazir Group, we comprehend, investigate and understand the career requirement of the students. We provide professional support and guidance in assisting students to organize their opinions and ideas. We guide the students to select career options of their choice to best achieve their professional targets.

Admission Processing

At Vazir Group, we assist students with the completion of application forms, financial requirements and any further documents that may be required. Once this phase is complete, our agents will help with the visa application. Our immigration experts will guide students through every step to simplify the process. 

Visa Processing

One of the greatest challenges faced by students during the application process is visa processing and visa interview. The visa team at Vazir Immigration keeps abreast with industry standards and rules at all times, ensuring that all documentation is up-to-date. Any changes in requirements, immigration policies, and visa checklists can be acted upon as required.   

Vazir Group has complied an extensive database of potential visa interview questions, based upon student profiles. This practice is designed to give extra confidence at the interview stage which will help them secure their visa. 

Scholarship Guidance

Whenever one thinks of foreign education, the first thought is of the cost it may entail, and the source of the funds in question. We understand the value of money spent, and try our best to gain students some form of financial aid in the form of tuition fee bursaries, scholarships, application fee waivers, etc. But it is important to understand that all awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the University that the student has applied to.

Candidates with excellent academic records, good performances on standardized exams, and extra-curricular activities are eligible for scholarship awards. To increase the chances of a student being eligible for such awards, the achievements must highlight a students’ best qualities and makes the student stand out. At Vazir Group, we are able to highlight these achievements and make every possible effort to help deserving candidates receive scholarships and financial assistance. In addition, we emphasize those programs that have internship options (paid or unpaid), and industrial placements, etc to help students get a foothold into the workplace much before they set out to look for jobs during their post-study work permit periods.

Scholarships and financial aid fee waivers awarded to international students are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the institutions. If you are a student that aspires to move to a foreign land for higher education, Vazir Group offer the best advice for winning scholarships.

VISA Assistance

Visa procurement is the most difficult step of the Immigration process.

At Vazir Group, we give free visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients through the entire visa process from the completion of application forms, preparation of financial statements to training candidates for mock interviews. Vazir Group staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules, which aids our guidance accordingly. This helps us in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner.

Our experienced agents at Vazir Group assist the students with the visa applications, offer guidelines for financial statements, and help students in preparing the file to meet the requirements of the High Commission to ensure success in the procurement of visa

Each country has a different process and procedure for visa filing and its own set of requirements for the students applying for a study permit. We at Vazir Group assist students with sufficient information based on the country and university they are applying to. Vazir Group will help students overcome some of the most common pitfalls to avoid rejection. Our agents will guide students through optimal presentation techniques and provide a detailed checklist.  All of our work is aimed at getting students through the door and on the way to their future. 

Pre-Landing Immigration Services

When Vazir Group promises end-to-end services with your application, we deliver.

We advise clients on immigration laws in force, and any subsequent changes thereof. We also keep them updated with any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria.

We ensure that our clients gain professional guidance for their intended occupation, in their destination country. This helps them weigh their available options, as well as prepare them for the future. 

Most importantly, we provide basic information about the chosen destination country. Whilst undoubtedly exciting, a new country can be a daunting experience, so we like to familiarise students with their surroundings. We understand the apprehensions our clients may have and try our best to give them information to settle their nerves and raise their level of preparedness.

The ultimate aim for most of our students is to gain suitable employment in the destination country after completion of their education. The Vazir Group agents prepare, orient, and condition clients via a carefully designed Employment Readiness Course for their early settlement in the destination country after the client clear the Interview at the processing visa office or gets an Interview Waiver for immigration to the destination country.

A well-written resume provides a positive impression to its reader. In this case, it could be a visa assessing officer or an institute of education that a student is applying to. With vast experience in this field, we are able to guide students towards an impeccable resume that is internationally recognised by employers.

Vazir Group and their experienced team aims to provide the best chance of success for students who wish to study abroad. 

Statement of Purpose Drafting and Editing

Every student needs to prepare and submit a letter of intent, better known as a Statement of Purpose. (SOP). This outlines the reason behind your decision to study abroad, the scope of your study area nationally and internationally, and your academic background. At Vazir Group, we help students prepare genuine, honest, and appealing SOP to make their applications stand out.

For every course that a student applies for, the SOP may vary according to the field of study. To prepare a relevant SOP, the following points may apply:

  • Research

    The composition of an SOP must be supported by thorough research. The more research the student puts into the selection process, the better the chance of selecting getting the right course at the right university. The SOP should be written to reflect the true interests and achievements of the student and matched with the most appropriate course for them.

  • Guidance

    Once the student has completed their research, Vazir Group's guidance counselors will help students become acquainted with the positive and negative aspects of choosing any particular university and course.

  • Course-specific institute

    When a student is interested in a specific course, the options of universities offering such courses narrow significantly. In such a scenario, the counsellors at Vazir Group have a vast research database to draw from, and will be able to guide you to the best institute for your field of interest.

Finance Assistance

Money is a primary concern for all applicants applying for foreign education. The cost of education can vary from the country of choice to the university of choice. Vazir Group offers guidance to students so that they can apply and secure an education loan to follow their dream. At Vazir Group, we have the knowledge and long-standing experience to guide students and inform them of all financial options. These include national banks providing loans at affordable rates, various approved financial institutions, and private banks offering loans. This is a part of our regular service to all our registered student clients.

Studying abroad is a costly affair and can deter well-laid plans if finances are not managed properly. Being admitted to an advanced degree program in a foreign university requires a significant amount of money. Students and their families need to provide for such expenses including college fees, food, accommodation, travel, etc. Though most universities offer meritorious grants and scholarships to deserving students for tuition fees, such grants are very limited, with the majority of applicants expected to support themselves.

Financial planning is crucial when applying for a foreign college, and consulting with close family and other family sponsors is a must. Understanding how much money they can commit to your education annually is a good place to start. Another widely popular option is taking study loans from banks.

Whatever your choice of funding, we will be there be there to ensure that your finances are planned sufficiently to maximize the chances of success.

Free Assessment

We offer free counselling sessions for those seeking a foreign education, but having fears or doubts regarding the logistics. Our counsellors are international education specialists who are ready to do whatever it takes to help you find the right course and country.

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