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63% From Uae Residents Considering Immigration – Are You One Of Them?

There’s no doubt that the UAE offers an exceptional standard of living with security, and safety. People from around the world regularly relocate here temporarily to improve their quality of life and take advantage of unprecedented economic opportunities that may simply not be available in their home countries.

However, as wonderful as life can be in the UAE, there does come a time where a decision has to be made: to return home or relocate to a new country, possibly through an immigration by investment program. But just how many people are considering immigrating, what are some of their reasons, and what resources are available to understand and start the immigration process?

•          Are you part of the 63%?

According to a recent YouGov® survey, 63% of UAE residents said they were “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to relocate to a foreign country in the future. For Asian expats, the figure climbs to 68% and in Dubai alone, 71% of residents are considering immigrating at some point.

Immigration is clearly a consideration for a significant number of residents who want to relocate when they conclude their tenure in the UAE. For many, the principle concern is ensuring a better education for their children, with 43% of respondents indicating this was their primary reason for immigrating rather than returning to their home country. A better standard of living is also important, with 39% stating that as their main motivating factor, followed closely by enjoying visa-free travel, as chosen by 35% of participants.

Overall, people are primarily concerned with ensuring the best life possible for themselves and their families, which includes being able to travel more easily. Especially for those who currently face restrictive visa requirements and possibly restive home countries, immigration offers a path to a brighter future based on safety, security, and prosperity.

•           Where do you want to go?

Most respondents are interested in immigrating to Canada with 58% stating it is their first choice, followed by 36% choosing European countries, and 35% selecting the USA. 75% participants said they had done some research on relocating to a foreign country with 67% using online searches, followed by 59% relying on information from friends and family. Because the immigration process can be complicated and time-consuming, 69% of survey takers said they would consider using an immigration consultancy to help them relocate.

Even for countries with famously friendly immigration policies, like Canada, the process can be overwhelming with inaccurate or incomplete information causing additional frustrations, especially for those considering immigration by investment. Immigration consultancies, like the Vazir Group, offer comprehensive support at every step, from identifying the path that best matches an applicant’s objectives to providing information and guidance throughout the entire application process.

At Vazir Group, you can expect hands-on assistance for your unique immigration requirements. With an in-depth specialization in Canadian programs, as well as expertise in key European destinations such as PortugalCyprusMalta and Greece, you can be assured the process will be straightforward and hassle-free for those seeking immigration by investment.

If you and your family have decided to relocate and want to learn more about immigration by investment programs, Vazir Group is here to help. For more information about your options, contact a representative on +971 4 243 8581

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