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Meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations is one of our primarily golds. To deliver excellent immigration services we always relay on the useful feedback from our satisfied customers. That is why, for the first time in immigration, Vazir Group has started accepting escrow account payments. This method guarantees the safety of your money and ensures the highest service standards. Let us take a closer look at how it works.



Escrow is a phenomenal payment system, which was first introduced in the United States of America in the 1930s. In its basics, escrow constitutes a form of an agreement. For example, people use it as a banking service, consisting of opening and maintaining a special bank account. Companies design such accounts specifically to collect funds and carry out payments between specific contractual partners.

Escrow accounts are a popular option for paying mortgages, real estate taxes, or insurances. In addition, other situations include commercial transactions, conducting construction purchases, or making overseas investments. Escrow payments can be scheduled by working out an arrangement between the client and the receiving company. Both parties need to jointly select a trustee. Furthermore, it should be a trustworthy person or company, which mediates the whole payment process.

Expenses are carried out using escrow accounts to secure the safety of the whole process. Generally, the money is kept in a secured place until the other party fulfills its obligations. After that, the payment is done in tranches, according to the contract signed beforehand.

What are the best advantages of using escrow payments?

  • The seller's and the buyer's financial security,
  • Full protection standard at a low cost,
  • Effective and successful international payments,
  • Compliance with relevant commercial standards,
  • Fast transaction execution.

As you can see, using an escrow account for international purchases is a reasonable and convenient payment method. That is why Vazir Group has decided to enroll this specific technique within their new line of services in 2021.



The immigration programs at Vazir Group work seamlessly and conveniently for all clients. However, due to international laws and several important procedures, the whole process can last for a few months. At the moment, the immigration consultancy agency has put forward a wonderful opportunity for all customers. A safe and secure payment method using an escrow account.

We were frequently asked by our clients: what will happen to my money? Can I pay you once the immigration process is done?  

So, we implemented this paying method, the main idea behind this decision is the safety of the clients’ money. With immigration fees, escrow accounts work like when paying for mortgages or international transactions.

For a better understanding of the payment with escrow process, here we have a simple example:

1. First, the Client contacts Vazir Group regarding the plans for migrating to another country. There is a wide offer for foreign and skilled workers, as well as plans for immigration through investment. With a handful of wonderful destinations to choose from, Vazir Group’s professional consultants tailor an immigration program fit for all Client’s need.

2. After the Client has chosen the destination and program, the immigration process can start. Note: the time for authorization and finalization of the procedure can vary based on the chosen program.

3. When the payment for all services and legal permissions is to be made, escrow accounts come in handy.  The Client places a money transfer order with their escrow account. All funds are secure for immigration payments.

4. Once the Client has acquired a permanent residency or a work permit, the funds are transferred to Vazir Group’s bank account.

Without a doubt, escrow payments guarantee assurance for both parties. Most of all, it provides the Client with safety and peace of mind when it comes to transferring funds.



Let us take a quick look at some of the immigration programs Vazir Group has prepared. Remember, that from now on you can use the safe option of escrow payments.

Vazir Group expert consultants have managed to prepare perfect solutions for all who seek new challenges and opportunities in life. Thus, with the immigration plans for skilled workers and investors, the offer is constantly developing.

The top destination for immigrants is Canada. There are wonderful chances to receive permanent residency and a Canadian passport through investment or by skills. The processing time is around 12 to 15 months. You can secure all payments with your escrow account. For more details on specific programs, please refer to our other articles.

So, as you can see, the immigration programs from Vazir Group are very attractive. There are many amazing pathways to choose from. Whichever becomes your favorite, remember that you are eligible to secure all payments with your escrow account. Hence all you have to do is choose the right country for you and your family. Vazir Group will take care of the rest

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