How To Get A Job In Portugal As An Indian

Portugal happens to be one of the dream destinations for many Indians who would love to work in Europe. Thankfully, as authorities on both sides i.e. India and Portugal have signed a bilateral contract that allows for seamless job experience for Indians in Portugal, getting a job and working in Portugal has become painless. This agreement allows for benefits on both sides making it a profitable deal for both nations.

If you want to work in Portugal as an Indian, you need to have a work visa. There are many jobs in Portugal making it a hotbed of opportunities for everyone, especially Indians. Here are some tips about getting a Portuguese work visa and a job in Portugal.


Finding jobs in Portugal has become a bit better in recent years as the country is rapidly recovering from a financial and employment crisis. With proper qualifications and understanding, you are sure to find a good job or even start your own business in Portugal. 


Work in Portugal


Before beginning to work in Portugal, it is necessary for you to conduct your research in the job market and set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. You are likely to run into some hurdles, but that is fine, as long as you stay focused on your goal. The competition has increased manifolds, so finding a job might be difficult, but it is never impossible. 


The Job market in Portugal


According to recent numbers, the unemployment rate has come down significantly and is just 5.6% as of June 2020. Youth employment is on the higher side making it a haven for newcomers.

Portugal’s main industries include footwear, textiles, tourism, automotive, hospitality, transportation, electronics, and construction. 


Job vacancies in Portugal


As the tourism industry is one of the most important industries in Portugal, it also offers the most numbers of jobs. It has a lot of full-time, part-time, as well as seasonal jobs in institutions such as catering and hotels. The call centre industry too has grown rapidly in recent years and is good for people who are multilingual. 


Work culture in Portugal


Portugal’s business and work culture is focused on creating close relationships. However, bigger organisations are often more hierarchical than other central and northern European countries. Decisions, negotiations, and meetings are much more personal than in other nations such as Germany and the United Kingdom.


Labour laws in Portugal


Employees are supposed to work somewhere around eight hours per day however, there exists a flexible ruling that may allow people to work for up to 12 hours per day. Full-time employees are offered 22 days of annual leave along with nine public holidays. 


Getting a Job In Portugal


There are many websites that are curated toward finding a job in Portugal. Some institutes and bodies post job offers on their own websites so keep an eye on them. You can also find job offers in newspapers, recruitment agencies, and through Social Media. 


Applying for a job in Portugal


Once you manage to find a suitable job in Portugal, you need to make your application in such a way that you are sure to get the job.

  • The process of job application in Portugal generally includes completing a standardised form (generally done online) or sending your Resume along with a personal statement. Some jobs may require you to send all three of these. 

  • Do not send copies of your educational certificates unless you are explicitly asked to do so. Do bring them with you to the interview though.

  • The interview process may include psychometric and psychological tests according to the job that you are applying for. 

  • You are generally required to provide anywhere between 1-3 references who can vouch for your work, experience, character, and skills. 


Requirements to work in Portugal


Work Visas


You need to have a valid work visa to work in Portugal. 


What Exactly is a Portuguese Work Visa?


The first question that comes to an individual’s mind when they are thinking about how to get a work visa, is what it means by a Portugal work visa. A simple and short definition of a Portugal work visa is a legal document that allows foreigners to take up a job or employment in the nation. You also need a work permit for Portugal along with the visa and of course a job application to work in Portugal. 


Different Types of Work Visas in Portugal


Portugal has a plethora of options for people or foreign nationals who are trying to get a work visa to work in the nation. Individuals can apply for any of the following work visas according to their needs, occupation, and qualifications. 


Here is a list of various work visas that are available in Portugal


  • Work Visa for Skilled Workers


To apply for this work visa, you must have a job offer in any of the qualifying positions, sectors, or professions. For instance, it is generally recommended for the applicant to be a scientist, an IT professional, an engineer, or a medical professional. People who have an administrative or a high-ranking position in a company can also apply for this type of visa. 


  • Work Visa for Highly-Skilled Workers


People who have high qualifications in their profession and career and earn a minimum of 1.5 times the national gross annual salary of Portugal are eligible to apply for this visa. This is a highly demanded visa and you need to be the best in your field to get this one. 


  • Work Visa for Cultural Activities


People who get this visa can get involved in various cultural activities in Portugal especially if the project gets recognised by proper Portuguese authorities.


  • Work Visa for Teaching


This visa is available for people who receive an employment offer in either vocational training institutions or an educational institute that is situated in Portugal.


  • Tech” Visa


This visa is recommended for people who are working in the field of innovation and technology. 


  • Work Visa for Self-Employment


People who are looking to start or own a business in Portugal can apply for this visa. This visa is also recommended for people who want to be independent workers. 


Language Requirements 


Speaking fluent Portuguese is not necessary, however, it can be an asset for you. There are many institutes online as well as offline that offer courses through which you can learn Portuguese and break the language barrier.

If you are interested in working in the hospitality and tourism sector you might also have to pick up other European languages including Spanish, German, and French. 


Starting a job in Portugal


Your contract determines how you will start your job in Portugal. The probation period for permanent jobs is generally between 90-240 days while unfixed jobs have a probation period of 15-30 days. 

Once you begin working in Portugal, your employer needs to enrol you in social security, Portuguese state pension, and health insurance.


How Can Vazir Group Help You?


Do you want to move to Portugal for a better career and a chance at life? You love Portugal and its work culture but are confused about going to the nation and the process involved? 

Then you are surely at the right place because well-trained and qualified experts at the Vazir Group will help you fulfil your dream to become an employee of Portugal. The group has various options, customised specially according to the requirements of individuals, and can surely help you relocate to realistic locations. It is our firm belief that the Vazir Group can guide you on how to get work visa, find a new job and a new home. 

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