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Immigration To Canada From India In 2021

Do you live in India? Are you looking for completely new opportunities in your life? Have you ever considered relocating to another country? There are now so many wonderful options prepared for all people willing to migrate to Canada from India. What is more, receiving a Canadian work permit in 2021 is very easy, even effortless, we could say! In the following article, we want to follow through with the best ways of immigration to Canada from India.


The most common yet most convenient opportunity for Indian citizens to relocate to Canada is through a skilled worker program. With its open borders, the country is inviting more migrants willing to create a new life across the Ocean.

In 2020, Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino publicized updated Immigration Level Plans for 2021-2023. Concerning the current legislation, over 400,000 people can acquire permanent residency every year. Such a situation is happening even despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what professions are specifically in favor of the current Immigration Level Plans? Actually, nothing has changed as far as jobs in Canada for Indians are concerned. There is still a high demand for nurses, truck drivers, and IT specialists. There are, however, some facts you need to consider if you want to receive a Canadian work permit from India.

We have decided to cover the three fields of work we have already mentioned. These are IT jobs, truck driver jobs, and nurses jobs in Canada for Indian citizens. If you are still not sure if this is the right destination for you, consider reviewing our website. You will find all the necessary information regarding the immigration programs. We also invite you to browse through our blog articles where you can read about all the wonderful amenities and benefits of relocating to another country in 2021.


Nowadays more and more people turn to IT as their dream job. Web and mobile developers, designers, and testers are one of many possible work directions. Despite the overwhelming interest in the IT job market in Canada, there is still a great need for specialists from this field.

Immigration to Canada from India when you are a professional IT expert is an amazing solution. Choose your path, select a city you would like to live in, find the best job and prosper. Right now, specialists in programming, development, systems design, analytics, project management, and e-commerce are highly needed.


If driving a truck is your specialty, we have great news for you. The TSL job market in Canada is booming with more and more truck drivers required across the country. Experienced professional drivers find it easy to get a well-paid job in North America.

Please keep in mind that truck driver jobs in Canada for Indians are dedicated to those, who possess an international driver’s license. This means that you should possess a driving license from another country apart from India. Preferably, it should be a GCC truck driving license.


When it comes to nurses and caretakers, they are also very respectable and sought-after professionals. Remember that Canada has a free healthcare system, and its hospitals are in constant need of new staff. Working in a well-developed country, Indian nurses in Canada can expect high salaries and good social backup.

The need for registered nurses in Canada has become even greater due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this moment all major cities, including Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, and Calgary, offer nurses jobs for Indian citizens. They provide a safe work environment, so there is no need to worry about the conditions there.


Canada is the perfect place to start a whole new life in. There are so many wonderful advantages of living in this country. These include:

  • Free healthcare for the main applicant and the family,
  • Costless education up to college or university level with fees being subsidized by the local and federal government,
  • Acquiring a Canadian passport is possible after living 3 out of 5 years in Canada,
  • Once you become a Canadian resident, you will be able to travel to 23 additional countries alongside your current visa-free travel,
  • Keep your current Indian passport because Canada allows its residents to maintain dual citizenship
  • Wide variety of social service benefits.

Immigration to Canada from India became a lot easier with the Vazir Group. Thanks to our seamless immigration programs for skilled workers, you can receive a positive decision in less than 12 months. That indeed makes us faster than other consultancy companies.

Vazir Group’s specialists provide a helping hand throughout the whole relocation process. Visit us in our 2 offices in India:

Delhi: Vazir Immigration Services,16 A Palam Marg Vasant Vihar opposite Malai Mandir New Delhi 110057. T: +91 1146523999


Chandigarh. Office No.1 Unit No. 402 4th floor Elante office Industrial Area Phase

All you need to do is contact our office and we will take care of your application. Remember that an IELTS language test in English is required beforehand.


Due to the current pandemic situation, the Canadian government has designed new requirements for travel to Canada. These changes became effective as of February 21, 2021. Before traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, all immigrants must understand and comply with the following requirements:

  • Check for provincial or territorial restrictions,
  • Assess your quarantine plan before you travel,
  • Get your pre-entry COVID-19 test,
  • Reserve your 3-night hotel stay at your international arrival airport,
  • Register in advance for your arrival test,
  • Use Arrive CAN to submit your travel and quarantine plans.

Fortunately, there is no need to worry, as Vazir Group keeps track of all current changes. Therefore, we have the know-how to guide you in immigration to Canada from India.

Vazir Group is ready to help you with making your migration dreams come true. Are you?

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