Migration In History

Migrating to a better country for a better lifestyle, education, or livelihood has been a common practice since the dawn of humanity. Earlier in history, Nomadic people were pretty common all around the world. So moving to other places for a better life has been practiced by people for  long. It was all about food and a better environment in ancient times, however, trends have changed now. People move to other countries for a plethora of reasons. Let’s dive in and find out the latest trends of immigration and the reasons behind that.

Modern World and Immigration

Ever-increasing competition in the modern world has raised the standards of success and peaceful life. Today’s peaceful life is way more difficult to achieve and people are constantly thinking of ways to get the life they want. Moving to successful countries is one of the ways to get out of multiple problems faced by people in struggling countries. According to a survey we conducted, 85.2% of people are earning under $2,500 per month and 37% of them are highly likely to move to other countries, for reasons like:

  • For new experiences
  • Living in a desirable climate
  • To move closer to family
  • For better education
  • Traveling

It is a common practice to move to other places for better education and work. People have been doing it for a long and in the modern-day, America, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and Australia have been the center of attention for those thinking of migrating. People from less developed countries are endeavoring to become eligible for a visa from one of the aforementioned countries. If you are reading this blog, you must be making up your mind about immigrating to some other countries.

A surprising fact that we learned from our survey was that people also want to migrate due to climatic factors. 15.7% of people said that they want to move to a place with a favorable climate. Well, that’s a luxury, right? People do live in the extreme colds of Alaska and the hot deserts of Africa. Their wish of migrating to a favorable place does not fell in the category of luxury. However, there is a small portion who are already living in favorable conditions but want to live near a beach.

Top Immigration Destinations

When we take a closer look at the immigration destinations, a few countries were preferred by most of the people that took the survey. They include Canada (25.8%), the USA (27.9%), and European countries (16.4%) majorly. This isn’t a shocking result, as we all know that they are well flourishing and advanced countries with great growth potential. The currency exchange rates are also great when compared to different countries all around the world. Ideal living conditions, great healthcare facilities, employment, education, and all other sectors are doing great in the above countries. Why would someone not want to move out to these countries for a better life?

Priorities after immigration

People have different priorities when it comes to what would they do after immigration. Those who got a visa on a study or work basis, are left with a little choice. They can work, study, and work again. However, those who are planning to live for the long term are looking for a permanent residency leading to nationality. 28.5% of people wanted a temporary residence in case they get a visa to some other country. However, 32.6% of people added that they would prefer a permanent residence, while 29.7% also voted for a passport/dual nationality.

The variation in the priorities is a personal preference and it depends upon the person whether he wants to live in the other country or come back to their home country after they have succeeded in achieving their goals.

Immigration Advisors

Immigration advisors have been making things easier for people looking for visas. They are aware of the whole process and help the applicants to optimize their visa application for maximum chances of success. However, immigration companies struggle a good deal to secure a good position in the market. According to the survey, (56.9%) people prefer a well-reputed immigration company over the ones that are new in the market. The monetary factor was secondary to reputation in the survey. That means people are willing to invest money in their visa but for the right company which has a high success rate.

Immigration companies that offer competitive prices would be preferred over the others - of course. However, one thing that we found in our survey was particularly interesting: 22% would trust the immigration companies that have offices. This means, no matter how good a company is, having an office would change things for them positively.

Below are the services people are looking for in an immigration company:

· Getting a visa to invest in the country  (47% of people)

· Help with the application process quicker (55% of people)

·Guidance on getting citizenship (49.2% of people)


Immigration for Investors

Investors and businessmen have also been keenly interested in securing visas for better opportunities. However, some people are still reluctant about investing in other countries: 49.2% of interviewed preferred that they would invest in real estate in their home countries. However, 20% voted for investing in real estate in foreign countries. Both investments have a good return but investing in a foreign country would always be a better option. 33% of people preferred to have a business in a foreign country instead of real estate. This sums up the investor interest in immigration and now we have a clearer perspective of who wants what from immigration’s gold mine.


Immigration can be a complicated process. When you decide to make such a long term decition that affects all your family you need the best information from qualified immigration consultants. 

At Vazir Group, we can advise you on the best course of action to suit your individual objectives. And while the path to having dual citizenship will depend on the needs of each applicant, its benefits are undeniably attractive for everyone. Start your immigration process by getting in touch with us.


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