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UAE Golden Visa Benefits and Requirements

The UAE Golden Visa provides qualified applicants with a host of benefits. Individuals must fulfill certain requirements to qualify for UAE Golden Visa Benefits and Requirements. Long-term residency is made possible by this visa, allowing holders to live, work, and study in the UAE. Several criteria, including financial investment, entrepreneurialism, specialized skills, or academic distinction, determine eligibility. For individuals looking for a prolonged stay and participation in the vibrant atmosphere of the UAE, the Golden Visa offers an incredible chance.

How to get a UAE Golden Visa?
  • Foreigners may spend up to AED 2 million, or around $540,000, on real estate to earn UAE Golden Visa Benefits for 10 years.
  • If the item is worth at least AED 1 million ($272,000), spouses may buy it in joint ownership. A marriage license that has been validated and translated is needed.

Top 10 Requirements of Documents:
  1. Passport.
  2. Birth certificates.
  3. Marriage certificate.
  4. Children over the age of 18 must have a certificate of nonmarriage.
  5. Certificate from the nation of citizenship attesting to a clean record.
  6. Certificate of UAE Good Conduct submitted to the Dubai Land Department.
  7. Medical insurance.
  8. Medical Fitness Certificate.
  9. 1 photo per applicant.
  10. Current UAE visa.

The UAE Golden Visa is available to spouses, kids, and domestic servants along with investors. Usually, the visa is granted within two months.

There are some steps to follow to get a UAE Golden visa:

1. Preliminary Due Diligence check.

A preliminary investigation is carried out by a Vazir Group specialist to identify problems and improve the likelihood of receiving a visa. The procedure is completely private. Documents provided by the investor are examined by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer.

2. Documents Preparation.

Investors provide the necessary documents as part of the document creation process. To fulfill all regulatory requirements, legal specialists take control and carry out procedures such as consular legalization, notarization, and accurate translation. This thorough approach guarantees that the papers are handled correctly and by legal requirements, ensuring a smooth legal process for all parties.

  • University of Koblenz and Landau
  • Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  • Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)
  • HCI Siegen
  • Ruhr University Bochum
  • Freiburg University

3. Obtaining a 6-month entry visa.

A 6-month entrance visa requires numerous actions to obtain. Traveling to the UAE, choosing their homes, getting a medical exam, and starting a golden visa application are all requirements for applicants. This temporary visa simplifies the procedure for people looking to invest, settle down, and take advantage of possibilities within the UAE. It allows for a stay of six months.

4. Real estate purchase.

The knowledgeable staff at Vazir Group also serve as Immigration and visa Consultants and assist in real estate purchasing. They'll present a range of possibilities, assist with the transaction, and manage the registration of property ownership. Their knowledge makes real estate investing simple, guaranteeing that potential purchasers have a thorough and well-informed experience.

5. Medical checkup.

In a UAE clinic, every applicant over the age of 18 has a physical examination. They must pass fluorography and be cleared for infectious disease testing to receive a health certificate.

6. Getting a golden visa.

To apply for a visa and provide biometric data to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, the inventors and their families go to the UAE. The application review process typically takes one week. Golden visas are granted to the investor and their family if the application is accepted.

Is it possible to get a Golden Visa and then obtain UAE Citizenship?

Unfortunately, after a certain amount of time, the Golden Visa does not provide citizenship. You could try to file a citizenship petition thirty years after undergoing several visa extensions. But no guarantees are given.

You can get a second passport through several European investment schemes offered by Vazir Group. In all of them, you must first get residence before applying for citizenship five to seven years later with assistance from Immigration and visa Consultants.

What Are UAE Golden Visa Benefits?

There are multiple benefits to consider, such as:

1. Holders of Golden Visas in Abu Dhabi will be eligible for savings and promotions on goods and services such as automobiles, real estate, healthcare, hotels, health insurance, and banking.

2. The Dubai Golden Visa offers extended residency and investment options, while Abu Dhabi Golden Visa holders are entitled to property discounts from Imkan Properties as part of a collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Residents Office. This lesser-known perk aims to encourage foreign investors, contributing to the growth of Abu Dhabi's real estate sector and enhancing the overall benefits of holding a golden visa.

3. Platinum visa Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank, two Dubai-benefiting banks, provide investors in real estate with lower fixed-interest mortgage rates.

4. Benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa include decreased yearly costs for family and individual health insurance policies with a wide range of network coverage and a slew of advantages both inside and outside the UAE.

5. Benefits of having a golden visa in Dubai, include discounted automobile prices. Additionally, they will have first dibs on future releases, exclusive payment options, maintenance discounts, and licensing services.

Golden Visa Requirements

Depending on the type of resident—an investor, an artist, an entrepreneur, etc.—different requirements apply for a Golden visa.

Investors in Government Securities

If you contribute to an investment fund and complete the following criteria, you can be granted a Golden Visa for 10 years without a sponsor:

1. Submission of a document from a UAE-accredited investment fund confirming the investor's two million AED deposit, or

2. Presenting a memorandum of association declaring that the investor's capital is not less than AED two million and a valid commercial or industrial license.

3. Submitting a document from the Federal Tax Authority confirming that the investor pays the government at least AED 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) a year.

In addition, you have to

4. Own the invested funds outright; it cannot be a loan, and he must provide proof of health insurance for himself and any dependents.

Investors in real estate

If you possess a property or a collection of properties, you may be given a Golden visa without a sponsor for a term of five years that is renewable under the same circumstances.

1. supply of a document from the relevant emirate's land department confirming ownership of one or more properties worth at least 2 million dirhams

2. purchasing a property using a loan from a specific local bank that has been authorized by the relevant local organization.


If you are an entrepreneur and have a technological or future-focused economic initiative that involves risk and innovation, you may be eligible for a Golden visa that is valid for 5 years. Additionally, you require letters of authorization from each of the following:

1. A UAE auditor certifying the project's worth is at least 500,000 dirhams

2. The emirate's authorities claim the initiative is of a technological or futuristic character.

3. To start the intended activity in the UAE, find an approved business incubator.


Start your journey for a UAE Golden Visa with the unmatched expertise of Vazir Group. Our detailed instructions guarantee a seamless transition to long-term residents. To ensure the success of your application, our Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officers carry out comprehensive due diligence inspections.

Our legal professionals ensure compliance and effectiveness in everything from exact document preparation, including consular legalization and notarization, to helping with real estate transactions. Easily navigate medical examinations as we arrange thorough exams for all applicants over the age of 18.

Experience a smooth application procedure with our assistance, from submitting your biometric data to getting your UAE Golden Visa Benefits. Discover the incredible prospects for jobs, education, and life in the UAE. With the UAE Golden Visa, choose Vazir Group as your dependable partner and realize your dreams. 

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