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Why head to UK

  • World-class universities and an elite education

    The UK produces some of the worlds most reputable universities with the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London ranked in the global top ten. Steeped in intensive research, UK educational institutions are also world leaders in cited publications aimed at improving the lives of many. The UK invites students from across the globe to join its excellent courses and immerse themselves in high-quality academia.

  • English as a medium of education

    The English language is spoken all across the world, so UK courses such as Bachelors and Masters that are taught in the English language provide an attractive proposition for international students that wish to learn or improve their language skills. The environment throughout all UK universities is full immersive giving students the best opportunity for learning with ease and improving their global employability.

  • Cultural diversity

    The UK promotes a multicultural population with a range of dialects, languages, customs and traditions. International students have opportunities to interact with a range of cultures amongst their peers.

  • Work while studying

    The UK allows international students to work for the duration of their study. This includes part-time hours during term-time and full-time hours during holiday breaks. Busier cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester are a hub of activity, so job opportunities are rarely difficult to find. In all cities, there are always vacancies for bar and restaurant staff, event promoters and market research workers.

  • Popular courses and universities

    There are thousands of both face-to-face and distance learning courses to choose from across a wide range of universities. The Open University is famous for its array of online courses aimed at all ages and abilities, while the University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester and Kings College London are extremely popular for courses in Nursing, Psychology, Law, Computer Science, Design Studies, Medicine, Sports and Science and Business Studies.

  • Activity

    The UK is rich in history and offers a diverse range of places to visit. From quiet countryside villages to sandy beaches to bustling cities, there is never a lack of things to do for students.

You will require the following documents to apply for a Student Visa:

  • Proof of funds that demonstrate an ability to pay for your chosen course and support you for the duration of your study.
  • A valid ATAS certificate if required by your course and nationality.
  • If under the age of 18, proof of parental or legal guardian consent.
  • Proof of relationship to your parent or guardian if under the age of 18.
  • Results of a Tuberculosis test (if applicable).
  • Written consent from a financial sponsor.
  • Proof of identity.

How can Vazir Group help

Vazir Group are market leaders in providing seamless immigration services to international students from across the globe. Many of these students have prospered in their studies and gone on to work and reside within the UK.

With years of experience in the field, our expertise enables us to research the best study options for each student and ensure that they thrive.

  • Bespoke suggestions for courses and universities that best match abilities and interests.
  • A free assessment of candidates to ensure that they meet all Visa requirements.
  • Guidance in completing forms, applications and documents, the structuring of CV’s/resumes, and detailed advice for creating an outstanding Statement of Purpose.
  • Well-researched advice on the UK including living arrangements, required finances and assistance in securing a student loan.
  • Guidance in compiling necessary Visa application documents for the greatest chance of success.
  • Arrangements for end-to-end travel from the destination country to the UK including travel documents, tickets and airport transfers.

By choosing Vazir Group, you ensure that you have the best chance of success in following your educational dreams. We will endeavour to guide you towards a thriving UK university and begin your life-changing journey.

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